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These electric vehicles are cheaper to own than gas ones now

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vehicles is expensive, which is why their prices are high, and it's mostly about the batteries.Costs have been coming down over the years, but Ford CEO Jim Farley revealed at the Bernstein Conference in early June that the battery pack in a Ford Mustang Mach-E is still around $18,000 to produce.That’s a big part of why the base price is $43,895, not including delivery, while a similarly spacious Ford Escape starts at $28,520.This sort of premium is still the rule when it comes to electric vehicles, which often provide greater power and other features as a bonus, but also have the drawbacks of short driving ranges and long charging times.The $7,500 federal tax credit helps level the playing field, but the annual estimated energy savings of $1,650 the Mach-E offers over the Escape can't close the gap without it for nearly five years.

That figure assumes the vehicles are driven the EPA annual estimated average of 15,000 miles at today’s inflated gas prices.THE MOST FUEL EFFICIENT GAS-POWERED VEHICLE MIGHT SURPRISE YOUHowever, a few automakers, including Ford, have aggressively priced some models to the point that they can cover their premiums in energy savings in just the first three years of ownership, if not much sooner.Here are a few of today’s discounted electric rides:The Bolt EV is the lowest-priced electric vehicle in the U.S. (Chevrolet)Chevrolet recently slashed prices on the Bolt EV to $26,595.

The subcompact hatchback compares in size to the brand’s Trax SUV, which starts at $22,995. General Motors vehicles no longer qualify for the tax credit, but the Bolt EV costs only $550 to charge at home each year.

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