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Meat Loaf's heartbroken daughters Pearl and Amanda Aday paid tribute to him on Instagram after his death Thursday aged 74.Pearl, 47, posted a picture of herself hugging him onstage, writing: 'I love you always, no matter what. I love you with my whole heart.
Scott Quiner (FOX 9) - A Buffalo, Minnesota man has died battling COVID-19, almost a week after being moved to Texas for care following a lawsuit over his ventilator.Scott Quiner died at 55 in a Texas hospital Saturday morning, the family's attorney confirmed to FOX 9. Quiner’s family went to court two weeks ago to get a restraining order to keep Allina Health from pulling the plug on the ventilator that was keeping him alive in Minnesota.FOX 9 does not have all the specifics of Quiner’s medical records, but his loved ones and their attorney reported the 55-year old father of three was unvaccinated when he was first diagnosed with COVID-19 in late October, around Halloween.He required deep sedation, a breathing tube, and a ventilator when his oxygen levels got dangerously low and did not improve.Scott’s wife, Anne Quiner claimed Allina threatened to pull the plug on that ventilator two weeks ago and that is when she went to court to fight.Anne had power of attorney over Scott’s healthcare decisions.

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