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America's first-ever tornado forecast issued 75 years ago at Oklahoma's Tinker Air Force Base

TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. - Predicting exactly where a tornado might strike is no easy feat, but meteorologists can typically pick out areas in which the environment will be favorable for the development of tornadoes, sometimes up to a week in advance.However, until Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma was struck by an unusual pair of twisters in less than a week in March 1948, no such forecast indicating the potential for tornadoes had ever been made in America.HOW TO WATCH FOX WEATHERThat's when two Air Force meteorologists, Maj. Ernest Fawbush and Capt.

Robert Miller, were stationed at the air base on Oklahoma City's southeastern side.Miller was on duty the evening of March 20, 1948, when he issued a warning for the base to alert everyone that 35-mph wind gusts were on the way, though he didn't mention the possibility of thunderstorms. So, he settled in for what he thought would be a quiet and uneventful night of weather.Maj.

Ernest Fawbush (left) and Capt. Robert Miller (right) are photographed forecasting tornado activity at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.

(Air Force photo courtesy of Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center History Office) But it was far from quiet. Nearby weather stations to the west and southwest of the Air Force base began reporting lightning shortly after 9 p.m.

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Ali Sabry - Sri Lanka hopes for stronger relations with Saudi Arabia - newsfirst.lk - Sri Lanka - Saudi Arabia - city Colombo
Sri Lanka hopes for stronger relations with Saudi Arabia
Sri Lanka was expecting its long-standing ties with Saudi Arabia to grow stronger, Foreign Minister Ali Sabry said on Monday, after meeting with a delegation from the Saudi Fund for Development.Sabry hosted the Saudi delegation led by Mohammed Almasoud, the SFD’s director of central and west Asia operations, in the capital Colombo and said Sri Lanka was grateful for the fund’s “continuous assistance despite challenges” as well its support on an extension of an International Monetary Fund loan.“The longstanding Sri Lanka-Saudi bilateral relationship will grow from strength to strength,” Sabry said in a tweet.The minister visited the Kingdom last month, discussing with his Saudi counterpart Prince Faisal bin Farhan ways to boost economic and energy cooperation between the two countries.Sabry had then presented Sri Lanka as a gateway to not only south Asia but the rest of the continent – an “ideal place” to do business. His trip followed a series of high-level engagements by Sri Lankan officials with the Kingdom last year.During Monday’s meeting, the Saudi government pledged to continue providing financial assistance for projects in Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan lawmaker Mohamed Shariff Thowfeek said after taking part in the talks.“This was a great gesture from the Saudi government at a time when some countries have stopped their aid in the midst of the economic crisis,” Thowfeek told Arab News.The SFD has given at least 15 development loans worth $425 million to Sri Lanka, which have financed various projects in water, energy, health, roads, and education.
Jeremy Renner - Utah snowmobilers build fire, snow cave after becoming stranded in overnight winter storm - fox29.com - state Utah - county Summit
Utah snowmobilers build fire, snow cave after becoming stranded in overnight winter storm
(Credit: Summit County Sheriff's Office) Two Utah snowmobilers are lucky to be alive after becoming stranded Wednesday in an overnight storm in Utah.According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, search and rescue teams responded to the Bear River Station area of Mirror Lake Highway in Summit County regarding two adult males who were stranded on their snowmobiles. The agency’s public information officer Felicia Sotelo told FOX Television Stations that the men rode into a bowl-like depression on their snowmobiles and were unable to get out. "[They] essentially were stranded," Sotelo shared, noting that their tracked vehicles were low on fuel."They didn’t plan on being out all day," she continued. "They built a snow cave, they built a fire." The individuals utilized a SPOT location device, making it possible for the men to communicate with emergency officials, which assisted the rescue team in locating them. RELATED: Jeremy Renner reveals snowplow accident left him with '30 plus broken bones'"Obviously no one wants to spend the night unexpectedly in the snow," Sotelo said, adding, "But they did have at least some backcountry experience and knowledge to keep themselves sheltered during the storm overnight." Despite heavy snow overnight and very steep terrain, emergency officials were able to find the men in "good condition" after several hours. Jeremy Renner just revealed the full extent of his injuries from his snowplow accident, saying he shattered more than 30 bones in his body.
Brooklyn U-Haul rampage suspect charged with murder, attempted murder - fox29.com - New York - city New York - state Florida - county Palm Beach - city Las Vegas - state Nevada - state New Jersey - state South Carolina - city Brooklyn - city West Palm Beach, state Florida
Brooklyn U-Haul rampage suspect charged with murder, attempted murder
NEW YORK - The man alleged to have been behind the wheel of a U-Haul truck that struck multiple people on and off the street in Brooklyn has been charged.Police say Weng Sor, 62, a man with a significant violent criminal history in Nevada, has been charged with one count of second-degree murder and seven counts of attempted murder.Police said at a press conference on Tuesday that after interviews with his family members and interrogation, they believe Sor was suffering from a mental health crisis. The NYPD announced Wednesday that Weng Sor, 62, a man with a history of mental illness and violent criminal incidents, has been charged with one count of second-degree murder and seven counts of attempted murder after going on a rampage in a U-Haul truck in Brooklyn, striking pedestrians and killing one man.According to NYPD officials, Sor, who lives with his mother in Las Vegas, traveled to West Palm Beach in Florida on February 1 to rent a U-Haul truck. On February 5th, while traveling through South Carolina, en route to New York, he was stopped for reckless driving and marijuana possession by highway patrol. On February 6, Sor arrived at his ex-wife and son's residence, and a few days later on February 8, had an altercation with his son.