Seven arrested for taking pictures using drone in high security area

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COLOMBO (News 1st) – Seven people have been arrested for taking pictures without  permission in the high security zone around the Victoria Dam with the use of a drone.Police stated that the security forces have informed the concerned suspects not to take photographs in that area.However, they have taken photographs despite the order, which led to their arrest.Accordingly a camera and a drone were found in the possession of the suspects and were taken into police custody.The suspects are aged 31 and 32 and were identified as residents of Dehiwala and Weligama areas..

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COLOMBO (News 1st) – The Bar Association of Sri Lanka says that the enactment of the 21st Amendment must not be used as an excuse or mechanism to discontinue Chairpersons and members of Commissions whose services helped establish public faith in such Institutions. The Bar Association went on to note that the 21st Amendment to the Constitution regrettably does not completely restore the status quo ante which prevailed prior to the 20th Amendment to the Constitution and does not place adequate checks and balances on the powers of the Executive President. It noted that the 20th Amendment to the Constitution rolled back the checks and balances which were introduced by the 19th Amendment on the exercise of executive power.The Bar Association of Sri Lanka calls upon the President, Prime Minister, Speaker, Leader of the Opposition, and all political parties represented in Parliament, to firstly ensure the integrity of nominations to the Constitutional Council and to ensure that such nominations are devoid of partisanship and in a manner that will inspire public confidence.The BASL noted that for this purpose, it is important to ensure that the non-ex-officio members of the Constitutional Council appointed from among Members of Parliament and from among non-Members of Parliament be done in a transparent and open manner and to also ensure that those appointed will be acceptable to the members of the public and be persons of the highest integrity and reputation.