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Professionals’ Trade Unions go on strike

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COLOMBO (News 1st); Trade Unions in Sri Lanka have declared Wednesday the 8th of February as a day for protests.Trade Unions will be protesting against the government's failure to address the medicine shortage, and the unjust tax regime imposed by the government.They are expected to gather at Hyde Park in Colombo on Wednesday (8) afternoon.The Government Medical Officers Association, a party to the Professionals' Trade Union Collective said that a 24-hour token strike will be launched on Wednesday across all Private and State hospitals.The Federation of University Teachers' Associations also decided to engage in a one-day token strike.Trade Unions from the electricity, water supply, petroleum and port sectors are preparing for a joint protest in Fort, Colombo on Wednesday (8) afternoon.Port sector trade unions have announced a work-to-rule action in the morning, and are to join the protest in the afternoon.The water supply, petroleum and power supply sector trade unions announced that they will take sick leave on Wednesday (8) and join the protest without reporting to work.Activities across hospitals, universities, divisional secretaries, and other sectors affected by the trade union action launched by the Professionals' Trade Union CollectiveHowever, the Ceylon Electricity Board Technological Engineers and Superintendent Union stated that although they support the protest against the unjust tax regime, they will be taking necessary measures to supply electricity without disruption.

A.G.U. Nishantha, the Chairman of the Ceylon Electricity Board Technological Engineers and Superintendent Union noted that they would support the protests from Thursday (9)..

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