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COVID-19: Quebec still working out kinks in 2nd dose rescheduling

COVID-19 vaccine dose appointments, and glitches are still being worked out of the system.While Thursday was not as chaotic as Wednesday at certain clinics, questions remain.Michael Ryshpan is still very upset about his experience trying to rebook his second Pfizer dose.“It was totally disgusting,” he told Global News.He says Wednesday morning, the day his age group became eligible to reschedule, he logged on to the Clic Santé website to move his appointment up.

The system told him there was a problem, he says, saying he should go in person to fix it.“It said to go to the vaccination centre,” he explained.When he got to Decarie Square in Côte St-Luc, he realized he wasn’t the only one having the same experience.“Dozens and dozens of people

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Michael Ryshpan