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Bob Saget Revealed COVID-19 Battle Days Before Death: 'It Does Not Feel Good'

As the world mourns the loss of Bob Saget, we’re learning more and more about his last days. While he went out doing what he loved most, performing for an audience full of fans in Jacksonville, Florida a day before his death on Sunday, it sounds like he faced a health battle at some point in the last year.

In one of his last interviews recorded before his death, the Full House icon joked about corona variants while confirming he contracted the virus recently. Speaking on the A Corporate Time with Tom & Dan podcast on Wednesday, the stand-up star joke of the Omicron variant:

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Things took a serious note when the 65-year-old added:

While he did not specify exactly when he battled the contagious illness, Saget seemed positive he had either the Omicron or Delta variant, suggesting he got sick in the latter half of 2021. The How I Met Your Mother alum explained:

Of course, the jokester couldn’t help add a few more jabs at the variants, teasing:

LOLz! Gotta love some dark humor.

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Sadly, looking back at the interview, things took an unexpected turn when Bob foreshadowed his own death. While speaking about what it’s like to perform during the ongoing pandemic, the actor explained that it can be hard to predict how many people will turn up for a show, noting:

Whoa. What a harrowing comment to read now that we know he passed away midway through his stand-up tour. Bob’s cause of death has not been revealed at this time, and there’s been nothing to suggest he died as a result of battling COVID-19. He was said to be in good health up until he was found dead

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