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Nick Cannon Sends Love To ‘Big Brother’ Jamie Foxx As It’s Revealed He’s Replacing Actor On ‘Beat Shazam’ Amid Health Scare

Nick Cannon has a lot of love for Jamie Foxx.

It was revealed this week that Cannon would be filling in for Foxx as the guest host of “Beat Shazam” during its sixth season.

The news came amid Foxx’s hospitalization in Atlanta after suffering an emergency “medical complication” three weeks ago.

Cannon then said on his “The Daily Cannon” radio show on Thursday, “Sending prayers to my brother Jamie Foxx in a big way and you know, it was announced that I’m filling in for my big brother and I gotta tell you this… there would be no Nick Cannon if it wasn’t for Jamie Foxx.”

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He continued, “I love this brother and in a real family type way, man he looked out for me when I didn’t have a place to sleep as a teenager.

“This brother let me sleep on his couch, shout out to Deidra… his sister used to babysit me even though I was a teenager and I had a crush on her.”

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Cannon went on, “It was good times and those good times will continue ’cause I am expecting that my brother is gonna just recover fully and all the rumours and all crazy stuff, don’t even worry about that.

“We out here we rocking and here’s Jamie Foxx’s first single, one of his first singles before ‘Gold Digger’, before ‘Blame It’, all of that, I remember him making this record… in the small studio in his crib.

“This is ‘T-Shirt & Panties’, yes ‘T-Shirt & Panties’ Adina Howard featuring Jamie Foxx classic on throwback Thursday,” he added, introducing the 1998 track.

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