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Over 40% of COVID patient stool samples had viral RNA but no live virusOver 40% of 79 stool samples from COVID-19 patients admitted to one of four hospitals in Spain contained SARS-CoV-2 RNA but no live virus, suggesting a negligible ability to replicate in this medium and a very low likelihood of fecal-oral viral transmission, finds a study published yesterday in Scientific Reports.Researchers from the University of Seville collected stool samples from 62 adult COVID-19 patients at hospital admission and/or follow-up at up to 4 months from March 2020 to February 2021.

Median patient age was 59 years, 61.2% were men, and 30.6% had chronic conditions, the most common of which was solid-organ transplant (73.6%).The team detected SARS-CoV-2 genetic material in 27 of 62 patients (43.5%).

In the first week after illness onset, 7 of 19 (36.8%) patients excreted fecal viral RNA, compared with 9 of 28 (32.1%) in the second week.

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COVID-19 hospitalizations connected with current wave of the pandemic will likely peak in early May and remain high until the end of June.The latest Scarsin forecasting for Hamilton, presented during the city’s Board of Health meeting on Monday, was characterized as a “good news story” with the potential for just 20 intensive care (ICU) admissions from just under 300 hospitalizations between now and the end of the August.“Overall new hospital admissions of Hamiltonians are predicted to peak at approximately six per day in early May, which is earlier than we previously forecast,” HPHS epidemiologist Ruth Sanderson told board members. Ontario COVID numbers: 1,423 people in hospital, 211 in intensive care “There is … some uncertainty of the trajectory and admissions could peak at nearly eight per day or down to where we are now … four hospitalizations per day.”The peak of the current wave, fueled by the Omicron subvariant BA.2, is expected to be about half of what the initial Omicron wave was in mid-January.The new scenario is based on the continuation of the province’s mask requirements in high-risk settings and rollout of fourth COVID vaccine doses between now and the end of the year.HPHS revised their April prediction on what age group will most likely be hospitalized in the next three months shifting from just those aged 60 to 79 to people aged 60-plus.“So in total, those 60 and older will make up over 85 per cent of new hospital admissions between now and the end of August,” Sanderson said.The Scarsin data suggests that 64 per cent of those admitted to ICUs will be aged between 60 and 79.Most of the estimated 42 COVID-related deaths expected between May 2 and Aug.
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