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Local church welcomes first Ukrainian refugees to Philadelphia

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PHILADELPHIA - A Philadelphia church is ready to welcome the first Ukrainian refuges to the city after a treacherous journey to escape their war-torn homeland.

St. Nicholas Patriarchal Orthodox Church in North Philadelphia will welcome Alla and Veronika Tuesday night. The woman walked 450 miles from Kiev to Warsaw, Poland to escape the war.

Vice President and Choir Director Susan Guz, and Bishop Luke traveled to JFK Airport to pick up the women. Bishop Luke says the women are traumatized by the horror they witnessed during their 4-day-long trek to the western border.The church sent the women money to help them secure visas and temporary shelter in Poland.

Guz gifted them airfare to come to the U.S. and strangers are sending checks to the church to show their support for the Ukrainian people. "I think everyone identifies with this," Guz said. "A democratic country minding their business boom!

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