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India reports 2,208 covid cases in a day

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The country’s active caseload has declined to 19,798, while the total tally of covid cases has risen to 4.46 crore so far New Delhi: India reported 2,208 new covid cases in the last 24 hours, as per the union health ministry data on Friday.

The country’s active caseload has declined to 19,798 while the total tally of covid cases has risen to 4.46 crore so far. The death toll has increased to 5,28,999 so far with 12 fatalities reported in a day.

While Assam reported 2613 active caseload, Gujarat has contributed 472 active cases. Karnataka has reported 1915 active cases while Kerala has 3454 active cases.

Maharashtra has 1788 active cases, Odisha 328 cases, Rajasthan with 320 cases, Tamil Nadu has 2328 active cases; Uttar Pradesh 374 and West Bengal has 1072 active cases so far.

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