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‘I lost my other half’: New Brunswick woman opens up about losing husband to COVID-19

COVID-19 this week says her husband was in good health before the virus.Luc Bélanger from the Edmundston region is the youngest man to die from COVID-19 in the province.His wife Julie says he tested positive on March 22 when he started experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Three days later an ambulance took him to the hospital and Luc was admitted to the COVID-19 unit. On March 27, his doctor said he needed to be put on a ventilator.Julie says Luc was stable for about a week until his lungs deteriorated and kidneys started to fail.He died on April 6.“I want people to be aware that Luc wasn’t sick (before contracting the virus),” said Bélanger.“It was really COVID that took him.”When Public Health first reported his death, it stated the death was.

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