Joe Masiero Neowise Deputy Los Angeles reports Joe Masiero Neowise Deputy Los Angeles

Dazzling comet will make closest approach to Earth July 23 — here’s how to watch

LOS ANGELES - Stargazers, grab your binoculars: A newly-discovered comet is approaching Earth, and it’s likely to make for the best comet sighting from our planet in years.According to NASA, the comet, called C/2020 F3 or NEOWISE, was discovered back in March by NASA’s NEOWISE mission.The comet “survived its recent closest approach to the sun, and is now headed back toward the outer solar system," the NASA report said.In March, the comet was faint, but this month, the comet is relatively easy to observe with binoculars or a telescope.

The comet continues to brighten, and is becoming visible to the naked eye."It's really exciting and doesn't happen often." Joe Masiero, NEOWISE Deputy Principal Investigator said. "Right now it's only visible.

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