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Covid in Scotland LIVE as self-isolation period cut while restrictions remain

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Coronavirus self-isolation rules in Scotland have come into line with the rest of the United Kingdom. During a statement to a virtual sitting of the Scottish Parliament First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that anyone who tests positive for covid, regardless of vaccination status, must still self-isolate for 10 days.

However, from today new cases of the virus will be advised they can end isolation if they do not have a fever and test negative on a lateral flow test (LFT) on day six and again at least 24 hours later.In addition, household contacts of confirmed cases will no longer have to self-isolate for the full 10 days, instead taking LFTs for seven days and isolating if any of these are positive.This second change applies only to those aged under 18 years and four months and those who are fully vaccinated, including having had a booster jag, with others still having to isolate for 10 days and take a PCR test. To sign up to the Daily Record Politics newsletter, click here. Most Scots have followed the government’s advice and common sense and taken the Covid vaccines and boosters in their stride.The jabs massively reduce the risk of infection and the severity of the virus.That in turn prevents a lot of people passing Covid on to the more vulnerable and elderly in our communities.Getting jabbed saves lives, it is as simple as that.READ MORE: Selfish are risking health of others by not getting vaccinatedHello and welcome to the Daily Record's live coronavirus blog on Thursday, January 6.Throughout the course of today we will bring you all the latest on the pandemic from Scotland and across the rest of the United Kingdom.Yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon announced that self-isolation rules were being cut from 10 to seven days

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