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Canada will spend $40B over 20 years to upgrade NORAD defences amid ‘new threats’

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Canadian Defence Minister Anita Anand unveiled major new details of a $4.9-billion plan to upgrade Canada’s NORAD continental defence systems amid what she described as “new threats” from autocratic regimes and new weapons being developed by other countries.

The $4.9 billion will be spent over the coming six years but the funding is part of a longer-term plan that will see the government spend $40 billion over the next 20 years to beef up continental defence. “More than six decades ago, against the backdrop of the Cold War and the threat of a Soviet-era air attack, Canada and the United States established the world’s only binational military command,” Anand said, describing a “pressing need” to respond to threats like hypersonic and cruise missiles. “NORAD has continually adapted and evolved in responses to new threats.

Today, we turn another page and begin NORAD’s next chapter.” Anand said there are new threats emerging on a “seemingly monthly” basis. Read more: Canada’s defence minister says the world is ‘growing darker’ and ‘more chaotic’ She spoke with reporters from CFB Trenton to make the announcement on Monday, but the details of specific spending commitments were not provided to media.

Anand said the precise breakdown of how the money will be spent is being finalized, and said it will focus on five specific areas.

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