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As inflation surges, Canadians find creative ways to save, cut costs

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inflation levels — hitting 6.7 per cent in April — are a dominant factor pushing Yong and her family to re-imagine their budget in search of new ways to save.

What's your personal inflation rate? Try our calculator to find out “Our family definitely has been feeling the pinch with inflation and the rising costs of gas and groceries,” she says.“I have been trying to stretch my dollar even more for the last couple months of my mat leave.”With one month left before she returns to work but surging prices already pushing down the bottom line, Yong tells Global News she’s been changing her approach to feeding her growing family and saving for the future to keep costs manageable in the short and long term.Yong is not alone in struggling to make ends meet and looking for workarounds to beat inflation, according to polling from Ipsos conducted exclusively for Global News.Asked about their strategies for fighting inflation in a mid-April poll, some 54 per cent of respondents said they were dining out less.

Other common tactics included putting off new purchases like clothes (47 per cent) and cutting back on entertainment spending (46 per cent).Other changes affect how Canadians get around, with some 18 per cent saying they were carpooling more or taking fewer trips as gas prices hit all-time records.Others are in the grocery aisle: one in four (26 per cent) respondents said they were switching to a grocery store they think is cheaper, while 24 per cent said they were eating less meat and 22 per cent said they’re buying fewer fresh fruits and vegetables.More than half of Canadians said they were looking for sales in flyers while 31 per cent said they’re looking to use coupons or sales apps to save more on consumer staples.

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