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Achcharu & Hoppers – Asia’s Top 20 Street Food

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COLOMBO (News 1st) – When it comes to street food, Asia delivers big on variety and flavor. According to CNNs Quest World of Wonder Sri Lanka's Achcharu and Hoppers have made it to the Top 20 in the 50 of the best street foods in Asia.To celebrate the region's bottomless culinary talent and passion for food, CNN rounded up 50 must-try, much-loved street foods and beverages in Asia in alphabetical order.Achcharu tops the list while Hoppers come in at number 16 in the Top 20 among the 50 of the best street foods in Asia.Let' start with the leader of the board – Achcharu or Pickle (Achcharu):Pickles/Achcharu get a Sri Lankan twist as it tastes sweet, sour, and spicy with pickled fruits and vegetables that make a perfect street-food snack.Seasoned with local spices, chili, turmeric, sugar, and salt, the offerings will differ depending on the region and seasons.It might be Ceylon olives or called Veralu, wood apple, pineapple, ambarella, mango, jackfruit, or eggplant.Sinhala achcharu is very famous on Sinhala New year, and Dansal and on many other occcations.

Achcharu is the perfect side dish for any meal in Sri Lanka, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner.Let's hop to Hoppers in number 16Hoppers are a famous and special street food across Sri Lanka.Hoppers are called APPA in Sri Lanka.

Hoppers are the Sri Lankan answer to the pancake. The batter is made from a slightly fermented concoction of rice flour, coconut milk, or coconut water, and a bit of sugar.

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