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8,810 community cases; 690 hospitalisations; 26 in ICU; 18 deaths

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Today we are reporting 8,810 community cases, 690 hospitalisations and 18 deaths. The seven-day rolling average of case numbers continues to decline, Today's seven-day rolling average is 13,543, while the seven-day rolling average of cases as at last Sunday was 16,325.

While it is encouraging to continue to see case numbers and the seven daily rolling average of cases drop, it’s not unexpected as we generally see lower testing and reporting over weekends.

It’s also an important reminder to remain vigilant. From 11:59pm tomorrow night, there is no requirement to use My Vaccine Pass.

Businesses will still be able to use the system if they would like to. As restrictions around the pass ease, it is important for people to continue to follow public health advice to stay at home; away from school or work if you’re feeling unwell.

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