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Worry About Catching COVID-19 Lowest Since June 2021

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new high of Americans say they believe the pandemic is "over."Most say they think COVID-19 infections will increase "a great deal" (15%) or "a moderate amount" (47%) in the fall and winter months.

While the combined 62% who say infections will increase is down slightly from 66% in July, the percentage who believe infections will increase "a great deal" is down more significantly -- by eight percentage points -- from 23% in July.The same poll finds the smallest percentages of Americans yet reporting they are steering clear of specific situations because of the coronavirus, including avoiding large crowds (24%), avoiding travel by plane or public transportation (19%), avoiding going to public places (16%) and avoiding small gatherings (13%).Use of face masks remains fairly common, but the 40% saying they have worn one in the past week when outside their home is also a new low during the pandemic.About six in 10 Americans (59%) say they have made no attempt to isolate themselves from people outside their household in the past 24 hours -- the most eschewing social distancing since the beginning of the pandemic.Sixteen percent, similar to the level in April, now say they have completely or mostly isolated themselves from people outside their household, while 25% -- the lowest reading since April 2020 -- say they have isolated themselves partially or a little.Seventy-eight percent of Americans, the highest to date, say the best advice for people who do not have coronavirus symptoms and are otherwise healthy is to lead their normal lives as much as possible and avoid interruptions to work and business.Still, about one in five (22%) believe the best advice is to stay home as much as possible to avoid contracting or spreading.

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Diana Gamage challenges party membership of Sajith Premadasa, Ranjith Madduma Bandara
COLOMBO (News 1st) – State Minister Diana Gamage had filed a petition claiming that Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa and Ranjith Madduma Bandara holding membership and positions of the Samagi Jana Balavegaya is against the constitution of the party.Accordingly, both Sajith Premadasa and Ranjith Madduma Bandara were ordered by a Colombo District Court to appear in court on the 25th of January 2023.State Minister Diana Gamage had filed the petition via President's Counsel Uditha Igalahewa with the Colombo District Court and noted that Sajith Premadasa and Ranjith Madduma Bandara continue to remain as members of the United National Party.As evidence, Diana Gamage had produced an affidavit from the General Secretary of the United National Party, and a judicial process that Ranjith Madduma Bandara had taken to challenge disciplinary action by the UNP, as evidence material in her petition.She says that article 3 (3) of chapter 3 of the SJB constitution notes that if a party member holds membership of another party, he or she will lose the membership of the Samagi Jana Balavegaya.She requests the court to deliver a ruling that both Sajith Premadasa, and Ranjith Madduma Bandara holding membership of the SJB, and holding the posts of Leader and General Secretary of the SJB, are illegal.Diana Gamage has also requested an order suspending those from holding the said positions under the examination of the petition is complete.
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UN ramps up urgent humanitarian appeal for Sri Lankans
COLOMBO (News 1st) – The United Nations (UN) team in Sri Lanka and non-governmental organisations revised and extended their joint Humanitarian Needs and Priorities (HNP) Plan, which aims to provide life-saving assistance to 3.4 million people amid Sri Lanka’s worst economic crisis since independence.Since June, the HNP has been responding to the Government's request for UN-backed multi-sector support for Sri Lanka's debt and food and medicine shortages."Governments and donor agencies have helped the humanitarian community reach over 1 million of the country's most vulnerable people with cash, food, school meals, medicine, protection, and livelihood support," said the UN in a statement.The HNP—aligned with appeals from other UN agencies—has raised US $79 million for Sri Lanka thanks to landmark support from the U.S and USAID, Australia, Japan including JICA, the UN Central Emergency Relief Fund (CERF), as well as Canada, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Italy, EU, Switzerland, France, and with additional support from the UK, Germany, Thailand, Sweden, Georgia, Latter Day Saint Charities and private individuals and organizations."We are immensely appreciative of the solidarity the international community has shown with the people of Sri Lanka, including through their generous contributions to the HNP.
Advisory for Cyclonic storm “Mandous” -
Advisory for Cyclonic storm “Mandous”
COLOMBO (News 1st) – The Department of Meteorology says that the Severe Cyclonic storm “Mandous” lay centred over Southwest Bay of Bengal (250km northeast of Trincomalee) near latitude 10.4N and longitude 82.6E at 08.30 p.m yesterday (8). It is very likely to move west-northwestwards and cross North Tamil-Nadu, Puducherry and South Andhra Pradesh coast around mid-night of 09th December.Maximum wind speeds will be (70-90) kmph and can increase up to 100 kmph in sea areas between (06N – 15N, and 80E – 88E).Heavy showers or thundershowers and very rough to high seas can be expected in the aforementioned sea areas.There is a possibility that near-shore sea areas off the coast extending from Kankasanturai to Trincomalee via Mullaitivu may experience surges due to swell waves of (about 2.5 m – 3.5 m) height (This is not for the land area).Southern sea areas bounded by (02N – 06N, 80E – 88E) will be very rough at times and wind speeds will be (40-50) kmph and can increase up to 70 kmph in the Southern sea areas. The cyclonic storm “Mandous” over Southwest Bay of Bengal (300km northeast of Trincomalee) is located near latitude 9.5N and longitude 83.8E at 08.30 a.m. today (9). It is very likely to move west-northwestwards and cross North Tamil-Nadu, Puducherry and South Andhra Pradesh coast over the Southwest Bay of Bengal around midnight of 09th December.Cloudy skies will prevail over most parts of the Island.
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Charlene White’s sister reveals real reason why the Loose Women star was so heartbroken over aunt’s Covid death
CHARLENE White’s sister Carina has revealed that their great-aunt who died from Covid became a mother figure to them after their mum tragically passed away aged 47.   The ITV newsreader, 42, was left heartbroken when her great-aunt Dell passed away from the virus in 2020 at St Thomas’ Hospital in London.  Charlene opened up about tragically losing her great-aunt while in the I’m A Celebrity camp as she slammed MP Matt Hancock, 44, for breaking social distancing guidelines through his affair with his aide Gina Coladangelo.  The Loose Women star, who shares children Florence, three, and Alfie, five, with TV producer Andy, was just 21 when her mum Dorette died from bowel cancer in 2002 which led to her looking after her younger siblings Carina and Joshua.  Reflecting on their great-aunt stepping up as a mother figure to Charlene, Carina said: “Yes the elders in our family were all very much like mother figures and with my great-aunt she was very much a kind of grandmother.  “She was there for us when my mum passed so not having her around and having to go to her funeral and stuff was very, very tough.  Read More on The SunPARKED OFF I use bags of rubble to stop neighbours taking my parking space – they hate itALL WEATHER READY Oodie fans scramble to get their hands on new outdoor hooded blanket “But in our family we have all been instilled with values and morals and strength to be able to overcome adversity and to move forward and to turn pain into strength - I think that is what we have all done following our aunt’s death.” Recalling her great-aunt’s death in the camp to the under-fire politician, Charlene said: “We couldn’t go to the hospital to go and visit her. "I had to sit by myself in the church at her funeral.
Sri Lankans - Lost at Sea: Skipper not among Sri Lankans taken to Vietnam - - Japan - Sri Lanka - Canada - Vietnam - Burma
Lost at Sea: Skipper not among Sri Lankans taken to Vietnam
COLOMBO (News 1st) – Authorities in Vietnam have reported that the skipper of the large migrant boat that was rescued by its Navy was not among those who were rescued.Vietnam media quoting the rescued Sri Lankans reported that the captain of the iron-hulled ship LADY R3 abandoned the boat after it started drifting at sea, and then did not return.A border guard commander of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province had also confirmed the information.A Sri Lankan man had reportedly said that his group had traveled from Sri Lanka to Myanmar and from there they had boarded the LADY R3 boat to travel to Canada by sea.It is unclear if all 303 Sri Lankans traveled together or in groups to Myanmar, and how they made it to Myanmar, as investigations are pending.Before 303 Sri Lankan citizens were rescued by the Helios Leader Vessel on the afternoon of November 6th, their ship had been stalled for nearly 40 hours, unable to maneuver and was drifting freely. On the afternoon of November 8th, when the SAR 413 vessel from the Vietnamese Coast Guard organized to welcome the 303 Sri Lankan citizens from the Helios Leader vessel to shore, initially four men got off the ship, the rest refused to get off despite the persuasion of the Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka, who took an entire hour to pursuade them to leave the Japanese freighter.At this time, the authorities considered the option for these four people to return to the Helios Leader, but they refused and said that if they returned, they would be beaten. Thereafter, all 303 Sri Lankans were taken off the Helios Leader in batches and brought ashore.For humanitarian reasons, the Ba Ria – Vung Tau Provincial Command for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and Search and Rescue has arranged for 303