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Woman shares skin cancer warning signs after undergoing extensive plastic surgery

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HOUSTON - A young woman from Houston is recovering from reconstructive surgery after having skin cancer removed from her face.

She encourages others to protect their skin from the sun, to prevent what she has been going through. A heads-up, if you watch the video of this story, a few images could be disturbing to you. RELATED HEALTH STORIESIt is that time of year when sunbathers flock to the beach or pool.

Betsy Bremer remembers a few childhood sunburns but typically does her best to protect her skin. She got concerned when something didn't look quite right. "I had a little bump on my eyelid for a while, didn't think much of it," Betsy explained. "I noticed it was a little different color, more blood vessels."She also had one on her nose.

Betsy soon found out they were both skin cancer, called basal cell carcinoma. While not potentially life-threatening, like melanoma, Betsy's doctor warned her invasive surgery was needed. "It was worse than I thought it would be," grimaces Betsy. "At the dermatologist, they asked me if I wanted to see it and when I looked in the mirror, I think I had my first panic attack because there was a pretty big crater on my nose and a lot of my eyelid was missing."Betsy then turned to Dr.

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