Anthony Fauci Can I (I) Susan Caraballo Anthony Fauci Can I (I) Susan Caraballo

What's safe to do after a COVID-19 vaccination? Keep your masks handy

RELATED: Can I stop wearing a mask after getting a coronavirus vaccine?"Her line is, ‘I’m tired of talking to the cats and the parrots,’" said her daughter Susan Caraballo. "She wants to do things and talk to people."But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hasn’t yet changed its guidelines: At least for now, people should follow the same rules as everybody else about wearing a mask, keeping a 6-foot distance and avoiding crowds — even after they’ve gotten their second vaccine dose.AdvertisementVaccines in use so far require two doses, and experts say especially don't let your guard down after the first dose."You’re asking a very logical question," Dr.

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