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Wendy's announces guarantee to replace new fries that aren't 'hot and crispy'

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LOS ANGELES - These better be some really good fries.When it comes to fast food, French fries are a huge part of what makes a chain popular.

Wendy’s just introduced a new recipe for its fries and the company is apparently very confident about them.The fast-food chain announced that it will replace any order of fries if they are not "hot and crispy." In a press release, Wendy’s called it the "Hot and Crispy Fry Guarantee."Vice President of Culinary Innovation John Li said, "At Wendy's, we are always looking for new ways to innovate our menu where we see the competition lacking.

As a fry fanatic, it's not okay for fries to be just okay – so I set out with our culinary team on the pursuit of the perfect fry that would disrupt the category.

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