Weather Authority: Sunny skies and pleasant conditions to dominate Saturday

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PHILADELPHIA - As a beautiful start to the weekend, Friday saw clear, blue skies, low humidity and temps right around 80 degrees.Overnight into Saturday will see some cool temperatures again, though no 40s.

Skies should be mostly clear, with lows in the upper 50s to low 60s.Saturday will see more blue skies and low humidity, with highs in the low 80s, so a little warmer.Sunday begins a stretch of much warmer days, as summer tries to hang on right to the edge of the first day of fall.

Sunday should see highs in the upper 80s, with humidity creeping back into the region.Stay up to date with the weather in your area by using the free FOX 29 Weather Authority App.

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COLOMBO (News 1st) – The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has planned to initiate an investigation into the causes of the economic crisis in the country.The HRCSL said that special attention will be given to the impact of ever-changing political reasons that resulted in policy changes within the economy.Moreover, the Commission  expects to pay attention to the way in which authorities have acted in making policy decisions that caused the economic downturn, such as ignoring national interests while separating ministries from their scope.The commission also stated it expects to record statements from officials at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the Ministry of Finance, the ministries related to the implementation of national policies, which are directly related to the economy of the country, and those who are currently working at those institutions in addition to those who had worked at the relevant ministries in the past.Accordingly, the support of several economic experts will also be obtained for the relevant matter.The Human Rights Commission emphasized that the investigation is being conducted due to the violation of people's right to life through the economic crisis.Recently, the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner had also explained facts regarding the economic crimes in Sri Lanka in the report presented to the 51st Human Rights Council session held recently.In that report, she pointed out that in order to obtain a permanent solution to the economic crisis that has affected the human rights of all communities, attention must be paid to the corruption that is rooted in this country.The United Nations Human Rights Commissioner also emphasized the need to take action regarding past and recent human rights
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