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We cannot be at ease till covid-19 turns endemic

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Weekend data took apart the hope that infections in India had finally settled at a low and stable plateau. We must not act as if it’s gone or underestimate the challenge of its persistence That we must learn to ‘live with the virus’ is a no-brainer, especially after 28 months of the covid pandemic.

Economies need to be coaxed back to recovery, businesses need to function as before and human beings forced into isolation need to get their social synapses buzzing again.

But complacency can be costly, as we found out last year, when we ran blind into a vicious Delta wave. And all those who might have declared the outbreak’s endgame should take a look at its curve: it is rising again.

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Focus on accelerating second and precaution doses of covid-19 vaccination: Centre to states
NEW DELHI : Amid the surge of covid cases in some parts of the country, the Centre on Tuesday has directed States and UTs to focus on accelerating second and precaution doses of COVID-19 vaccination.  Rajesh Bhushan, Union Health Secretary reviewed the status of COVID situation through a video conference (VC) with 14 such States that are reporting high number of cases on a week-to-week basis along with increased case positivity combined with low numbers of COVID tests and below average COVID vaccination.  He advised caution and continuous alertness to States reporting a surge in COVID cases during the past few weeks, and to step up vigil against COVID.  The four-fold strategy highlights surveillance of incoming inter-national travelers; community-based surveillance; sentinel site surveillance (health facility-based surveillance and lab-based surveillance); and Whole Genome Sequencing.  States were advised to scan for and report all SARI and ILI cases from all district hospitals, major private hospitals and medical colleges across the districts, and keep a close watch on those geographies where these clusters are emerging.  “States were also strongly advised to strictly monitor epidemiological profile of admitted COVID patients and report the clinical manifestation to Health Ministry, rather than a random or anecdotal reporting.