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Want to see the Titanic? Company offering spots for deep-sea expedition in 2023

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The White Star Line passenger liner R.M.S. Titanic embarking on its ill-fated maiden voyage. (Credit: Getty Images) Space is often touted as the next boom in tourism, but how about traveling to the depths of the ocean to see the world’s most famous shipwreck?OceanGate Expeditions sends citizen crews to the RMS Titanic with a team of dive experts, scientists, and filmmakers.

After successful expeditions in 2021 and 2022, the company is now accepting applications to join its 2023 team. Over 100 years ago, the Titanic — referred to at the time as being "unsinkable" — sideswiped an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean during its maiden voyage in 1912 and plunged into the ocean.

While some managed to escape on lifeboats, nearly 1,500 people died. The wreckage wasn’t discovered until 1985, roughly 380 miles from the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.Now, OceanGate is giving a small group of paying tourists the opportunity to view the Titanic during a 10-day mission, including eight days at sea, according to a tourist brochure.

Guests pay $250,000 to take a five-crew submersible, called the "Titan," down about 2.5 miles to the wreckage on the ocean floor.

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