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Violence, second chances and missed opportunities: the Saskatchewan killer’s criminal file

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James Smith Cree Nation, but he was accustomed to life as a fugitive.A Global News review of his history before Saskatchewan’s criminal courts shows he spent much of his adult life evading justice for the crimes he committed.Just two weeks after he turned 18, his court file says he attacked a man at the James Smith Cree Nation with a knife, assaulted a woman, and was “running from police.”For the next 14 years, he appeared in provincial court files again and again as “at large” and wanted on warrants as he accumulated victims throughout Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan stabbings: ‘Broken’ father grieves for murdered wife and son During that time, he was charged with a remarkable 125 crimes, according to the 47 cases filed against him in the province’s criminal courts. (His youth record cannot be reported.)Those include two attempted murders, 18 assaults and three break-and-enters, the court records show.

Four of the assaults were stabbings — using knives, a fork and broken beer bottles.He stole cars, robbed a Subway restaurant and broke into a liquor store in Melfort.

He threatened to kill people and walked naked in a park near a Saskatoon elementary school.He resisted police when they caught up with him, once kicking an officer in the face and head, but when he got into the courtroom, his charges were sometimes stayed or withdrawn.For his 59 convictions, his sentences were as minimal as house arrest.

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