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Video: Good Samaritan catches armed suspect fleeing police in Manhattan

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MANHATTAN, New York - A civilian helped catch an armed suspect Thursday, who was fleeing from police in New York City.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office Southern District of New York, the suspect, Jason Fleming, was arrested on March 16 after brandishing loaded weapons following a dispute in a crowded bodega in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.Surveillance video shows Fleming, 39, outside the bodega pulling back his coat momentarily to reveal a rifle that had been swung over his shoulder.Police officers then approached the suspect after a witness called 911, and Fleming took off running down the sidewalk.

In the footage, the citizen pushes the suspect into a nearby fence. (Credit: US Attorney SDNY via Storyful) Additional footage posted by the district on Twitter shows the citizen stopping Fleming before pushing him into a nearby fence  and handing him over to police.  "As alleged, the defendant illegally brandished two loaded firearms in broad daylight on a Manhattan street, one of which was a carbine rifle, frightening numerous New Yorkers, including a child," U.S.

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