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Video: Bold thief uses high-tech methods to break into locked cars in Northeast Philly

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NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA - Key fobs have made getting into cars much easier, but, of course, criminals have found a way to use fobs against consumers.

Police say crooks are actually getting into cars even when the key fobs are in the home.Police say a brazen thief, caught on Ring camera, is seen stealthily canvassing people’s driveways in Northeast Philadelphia in the middle of the night, quickly and quietly breaking into cars.

Jenna Hinkle’s husband is one of several victims."The center console was obviously gone through. The glove box was open," Hinkle said. "Ya know, we have two small children, so my first thought is they were near our home on our property.

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Man kicked out of bar in NE Philly fires 15 shots at building, fatally shoots woman inside, police say
PHILADELPHIA - Officers with the Philadelphia Police Department are investigating a shooting that left a woman dead on Tuesday night. According to authorities, officers with the 8th District responded to numerous 911 calls reporting gunshots and a shooting at a bar on the 2400 block of Welsh Road around 11:30 p.m.Chief Inspector Scott Smalls police arrived on scene and found two victims. A 21-year-old woman suffering from a gunshot wound to the head was transferred to Jefferson-Torresdale Hospital to undergo surgery, but she later died, according to police. Police say a second victim, who was cut in the face by glass, was taken to the same hospital for treatment. Small says investigators know at least 15 shots were fired by a semi-automatic weapon. Police say they found five bullet holes in the bar's front window and they believe one of the bullets struck the 21-year-old. According to Small, investigators do not believe she was the intended target. MORE LOCAL HEADLINESAuthorities say the investigation revealed a group of three men walked into the bar but were escorted out when one of them caused a disturbance at the bar. Small says the man who was giving the staff a problem then walked to a dark or Black pickup truck and 15 shots were fired in the direction of the bar. Authorities say there were multiple cameras in the area and they are confident that they will be able to identify him. The two men with the alleged shooter are not believed to be involved in the shooting, Small says.