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Vanessa Feltz slams inconsistent women's clothes sizes for affecting mental health

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Follow OK! on Threads here: TV personality Vanessa Feltz has slammed inconsistent women's clothes sizes, as she manages to fit snugly into an XXL jacket despite her two stone weight loss.

Vanessa, 61, who split from fiancé Ben Ofoedu, 51, over a cheating scandal, said she has recently lost a lot of weight after the split.

She has revealed she is now a size 12-14, so was shocked when she realised a jacket she was wearing was labelled as XXL, despite fitting her snugly.The TV star then went onto claim this could have a major impact on women's mental health, if they become concerned about fitting into clothes which are labelled as much larger than expected, or if they are not able to fit into clothes which are their normal sizes.

During a stint of her show on Talk TV, Vanessa said: "This jacket is XXL. I’ve been many different sizes in my career and my life as I’m sure people know and I’ve definitely been an XXL. "I’m probably… this is the bit where you don’t know what size you are but I would say I’m probably a 14 but I can also fit into a 12 at the moment depending on whether it’s large or small." She questioned whether the XXL jacket should be hanging off her but if fits her rather snug, so asked if it should be an XXL at all. "So what might happen now is I might feel absolutely terrible and I might feel distraught and destroyed at the idea I’m fitting into an XXL," she continued. "Does that mean I’m hugely enormous and it would just be detrimental to my mental health, or do I just shrug it off and say, 'Utterly ludicrous sizing, they should be ashamed of themselves, I’m exactly the same size I was before I put the dress on', which is the truth, right?" This comes after she announced her.

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