Bob Marley county Lake concerts Bob Marley county Lake

Toronto piano-bike man delights passersby with impromptu outdoor concerts

Startup aims to help musicians stay afloat during the pandemic “I just thought it would be a great thing to do,” he explained to Global News one afternoon at the park. “To meet people and tell them, ‘Look, I’m a piano teacher’…it’s gone beyond that now.

It’s become more of about entertaining and being a musician.”His concert set-list has a bit of everything for everyone — including songs from Bach to Bob Marley — sometimes featuring dog barks, bird chirps and the whistling wind.And with the natural soundscape of the great outdoors, and a spectacular view of the lake, Levac says he has lots to pull from for musical inspiration.“The whole world is the concert hall here,” said Levac. “It’s the here, there and everywhere experience of music..

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