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‘Titanic’ director James Cameron says Titan sub was ‘fundamentally flawed’

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James Cameron, director of the blockbuster film Titanic, has criticized the engineering of the lost Titan submersible, calling its design “fundamentally flawed.”In an interview with ABC News, Cameron — who designs submersibles himself, some able to dive to depths three times below the Titanic site — said OceanGate Expedition’s vessel should not have been constructed from carbon fiber.OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush, who was one of five passengers killed onboard the Titan submersible that disappeared on Sunday, defended the use of carbon fiber in 2017, claiming the material was lighter, cheaper and easier to transport while still being durable under pressure.

Traditionally, submersibles are constructed using titanium, steel or other materials that can withstand immense pressure underwater.Cameron, 68, told the news outlet that members of the “small” deep-diving community had been warning about safety flaws in the Titan’s design since Rush boasted about the use of carbon fiber in the hull.He claimed many “very concerned” engineers and deep-sea divers wrote letters to OceanGate insisting the Titan was too experimental to carry human passengers.The Titan launched on Sunday and was reported overdue that afternoon about 700 kilometers south of St.

John’s, N.L., prompting an exhaustive search involving American and Canadian organizations.On Thursday, U.S. Coast Guards said debris had been found on the ocean bed.

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