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This is how much you need to make per hour to afford housing in your state, study finds

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A view of Honolulu from Aloha Tower, Oahu Island, Hawaii, United States of America. (Getty Images) Finding affordable housing for the majority of Americans is becoming increasingly stressful and difficult given the scarcity of quality homes nationwide and hourly pay is stagnant.

A new report sheds light on the hardships many endure to find a quality place to live while trying to earn a competitive wage. RELATED: This is how much money you need to make per hour to afford rent in NYCIn 2022, the national housing wage is $25.82 per hour for a modest two-bedroom rental home and $21.25 per hour for a modest one-bedroom rental, according to a new report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC), a housing advocacy group.

The NLIHC released its 2022 "Out of Reach" report, an in-depth study examining how many hours an individual must work to afford a one or two-bedroom rented apartment in their state — the "housing wage."RELATED: This is how much money you need to make per hour to afford rent in CaliforniaAccording to Out of Reach,in no state, metropolitan area, or county can a full-time minimum-wage worker afford a modest two-bedroom rental home, and these workers cannot afford modest one-bedroom apartments in 91% of U.S.

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