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Thinking Zac Efron has a ‘dad bod’ is warped and unhealthy

Apparently people think Zac Efron has a dad bod and, quite honestly, I am baffled on so many levels. Baffled. Levels. So many of them.But that’s not the only reason I’m currently looking like the math lady meme, trying to join all the complicated dots that brought people to this ridiculous conclusion.Frankly, dear reader, aside from the fact this is a grossly incorrect use of the term ‘dad bod’, I’m kind of pissed everyone seems to have forgotten for a hot minute that women have been dealing with this kind of body-focused BS for eons longer than Zac has been hairy.For a refresher, this latest Zefron palaver all began when viewers gazed upon the sparkling Adonis that is the actor in his latest series Down To Earth With Zac Efron.One wrote on.

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