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The Queen makes surprise public appearance at Platinum Jubilee after health woes

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Queen has officially made a public appearance at her Platinum Jubilee celebrations.The main event, which featured incredible music performances as well as parades from the King's Regiment, was shown live on ITV on Sunday (May 15) - and even featured the likes of American actor Tom Cruise.And the Queen arrived in her classic Range Rover, escorted by a parade of horses as she slowly made her way out of the backseat aided by a walking stick.The crowd went wild as her car arrived in the parade square.According to ITV's Chris Ship, the Queen proceeded to take a small elevator up to her seat from ground level, preventing her from being forced to climb steps.He posted on social media: "She used a small lift/elevator to navigate her way from her car in the area to her seat in the stand.

As a 96 year old, it’s surprising and astonishing she hasn’t had to do this before."She later sat atop a velvet-lined throne with a blanket across her knees to watch the proceedings outdoors, as the mounted guards performed to music.She wore a grey cardigan encrusted with jewels around her shoulders, over a blue floral patterned top.It comes after her health woes left the monarch unable to appear at the opening of Parliament - an event she had only missed twice before, both times due to pregnancy.Prince Charles appeared in her place to provide the opening speech.Fans were loving seeing their monarch in public again, as they took to Twitter to air their thoughts.One penned: "Why am I smiling so sheepishly.

I love the Queen so much!!!!""The Queen looks on fantastic form!" someone else praised.While a third posted: "Watching the Queen's Platinum Jubilee on @ITV she is a remarkable lady.

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