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Texas resident has nearly $17,000 deducted from bank account by energy company following winter storm

Texas resident had nearly $17,000 automatically deducted from his bank account after Griddy, a Texas Energy Company, imposed surcharges on state residents following a devastating winter storm and subsequent electrical blackout.Scott Willoughby, who joined "America’s Newsroom" Tuesday to discuss the issue, explained that there is no cap on Texas’ unregulated power grids which surged average household electricity costs from 8 to 10 cents per kilowatt-hour to $900 per kilowatt-hour.FILE - Scott Willoughby got a $17,000 energy bill after a record-breaking winter storm.

Willoughby, who had the money in his account to pay the bill, expressed concern that hundreds of thousands of Texas residents will not be able to pay for crippling electrical.

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