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Canada’s third COVID-19 wave creates ‘zigzag’ economy

Canada’s economy is zigzagging through the third COVID-19 wave. Statistics Canada says the country lost 207,000 jobs in April, reversing substantial progress made in March. Eric Sorensen looks at how unemployed Canadians are coping.

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Since the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyday citizens from retired seniors to university students have consistently volunteered to be on the frontlines of delivering public health measures, particularly testing.
Hamilton paramedics revealed they’ve been a part of a year-long pilot project for about a month now that allows them to deliver 911 palliative patients alternative treatment options rather than a potentially unnecessary visit to a hospital emergency department.Under previous guidelines, paramedics had been required to bring 911 palliative care patients to a hospital emergency department.The new “treat and refer” model is set to give paramedics more options to provide treatment for palliative patients in-home, ultimately reducing strain on the hospital system amid the third wave of COVID-19.

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