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COVID-19 update | Children below 12 years at lower risk of contracting infection

ALSO READ: India reports 17,092 fresh COVID cases, 29 deaths in last 24 hrs Explaining the reason behind the low chances of COVID cases among children, she said, "Because of the presence of less number of ACE type two inhibitors, which is angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, to which this SARS CoV2 virus binds actually." "So, they are definitely at lower risk of getting a severe form of the disease and therefore, we can allay our anxieties and worries, particularly for children for whom the vaccine is not available currently," she added. The ICMR scientist warned that people need to be cautious as the virus is still there and its transmission also taking place.

She suggested the schools should take classes in an open environment instead of traditional classrooms. "For younger children, it becomes a little cumbersome task because they do not understand the concept of social distancing, particularly children in primary or nursery and also wearing of masks for long hours during the school is also little difficult for them.

So, in that case, we can adapt our teaching methodology in the way that we take classes in open settings or in ventilated rooms AC should not be put on." "We should be screening our adult staff and older children as well for them by testing them periodically or symptom checking. We do not recommend it because there is less evidence now that by just temperature and symptoms check, we can keep control of the disease but definitely periodic checking on the staff is important," she explained.

Dr Anand also emphasized COVID vaccination and precautionary doses for school staff. "School authorities should make sure that all the teachers and other administrative school staff are vaccinated as per the

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