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SLTB to add routes into geographic information systems to improve public transportation services

The Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) has announced a new pilot program that aims to incorporate bus route maps into a geographic information system (GIS). This program will allow SLTB to effectively manage and monitor bus routes and schedules, thereby improving the quality of public transportation services in Sri Lanka. Through this pilot program, bus route maps will be integrated into a GIS, enabling SLTB to have a more accurate and detailed understanding of its transportation network.This will enable SLTB to identify potential issues, such as traffic congestion, and develop solutions to improve the efficiency of bus routes. In addition, the program will provide passengers with a user-friendly map of the SLTB's bus routes and schedules, making it easier for them to plan their journeys and travel more efficiently. The program is expected to provide significant benefits for both passengers and SLTB, by reducing travel time, improving bus scheduling and ultimately increasing the overall quality of public transportation services. A sample of the new pilot project was shared on the SLTB Facebook Page.  

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Europe's top spring break destinations eclipse US beaches as travelers flock overseas - - Usa - Italy - Britain - state California - state Florida - San Francisco - city London - county Hall - city Columbia, Britain - city Phoenix - state Hawaii - county Maui - city Rome, Italy
Europe's top spring break destinations eclipse US beaches as travelers flock overseas
View of the Colosseum in 2011 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Santi Visalli/Getty Images) Spring break outings are often defined by parties and trips to beaches in California, Florida and Hawaii — however, new data shows a growing interest in international travel among Americans.Less conventional destinations, particularly in Europe, have replaced longstanding favorite locations such as Orlando, Phoenix and Maui atop many Americans' travel itineraries. Many report lower prices, fairer weather and loosening COVID-19 restrictions across the globe as driving factors in their shift toward the likes of London, Rome and British Columbia.10 SAFETY TIPS TO REMEMBER IF YOU'RE TRAVELING OUT OF THE COUNTRY FOR SPRING BREAKWhat is driving this change?After years of visiting national parks, wide-open nature retreats, and domestic tropical island getaways during the pandemic, Americans are showing renewed interest in travel this spring."Interest in international travel is increasing given the favorable exchange rate for Americans," Philip Ballard, the Florida-based chief communications officer of HotelPlanner, told the Associated Press. "For example, we're seeing about a 20% increase in U.K.-bound bookings because the U.S.
Williams - Mexican cartel reportedly apologizes for kidnapping, killing Americans - - Usa - Mexico
Mexican cartel reportedly apologizes for kidnapping, killing Americans
drug cartel blamed for abducting four Americans and killing two of them condemned the violence and said the gang turned over to authorities its own members who were responsible.In a letter obtained by The Associated Press through a Tamaulipas state law enforcement source, the Scorpions faction of the Gulf cartel apologized to the residents of Matamoros where the Americans were kidnapped, the Mexican woman who died in the cartel shootout, and the four Americans and their families.Drug cartels have been known to issue communiques to intimidate rivals and authorities, but also at times like these to do some public relations work to try to smooth over situations that could affect their business.READ MORE: How did four Americans get kidnapped in Mexico?"We have decided to turn over those who were directly involved and responsible in the events, who at all times acted under their own decision-making and lack of discipline," the letter reads, adding that those individuals had gone against the cartel's rules, which include "respecting the life and well-being of the innocent."The white van four Americans were traveling in when they were kidnapped by a Mexican cartel.  A photograph of five men face down on the pavement and bound accompanied the letter, which was shared with The Associated Press by the source on condition that they remain anonymous because they were not authorized to share the document.State officials did not immediately publicly confirm having new suspects in custody.A separate state security official said that five men had been found tied up inside one of the vehicles that authorities had been searching for, along with the letter.
'We are global changers': Imhotep Institute Charter students solve real world problems with technology - - state Mississippi - Ghana - county Wilson - city Germantown - Jackson, state Mississippi
'We are global changers': Imhotep Institute Charter students solve real world problems with technology
EAST GERMANTOWN - Students at Imhotep Charter High School are changing lives through their stem program. Through the use of 3D printers, they are bringing clean water everywhere from Mississippi to Ghana."I am one of the first people in my family to be doing something this big," student JaNiece Watters said.Five months ago, STEM ambassadors from Imhotep Institute Charter High School traveled to Jackson, Mississippi to aid in the city’s water crisis.RELATED COVERAGE:Student Musa Wilson stated, "Knowing that we changed lives down in Jackson, Mississippi is really monumental for us, especially as young, Black kids."Now the students will be taking 3D printed water filters overseas to a town in Ghana, called Kheta, where the water can’t even be used to wash hands."We’re going to be helping over 3,000 students across 10 different schools in Ghana," Watters continued.From water filter design and 3D printing, to product testing and research, each of the students has a fundamental role in the life-changing project."We’re trying to produce 200 and it probably takes around seven to eight hours to make one, so we’re getting ahead early," student Cyril Woodland said.Shirley Posey is the director of STEM at Imhotep and says being proud is an understatement."We’re trying to cultivate our scholars to be critical thinkers, to be problem solvers.
Merrick Garland - US sues to block JetBlue from buying Spirit Airlines in $3.8B merger - - Usa - area District Of Columbia - state Massachusets - city Boston
US sues to block JetBlue from buying Spirit Airlines in $3.8B merger
block JetBlue Airways' $3.8 billion purchase of Spirit Airlines, saying Tuesday that the deal would reduce competition and drive up air fares for consumers.The Justice Department said the tie-up would especially hurt cost-conscious travelers who depend on Spirit to find cheaper options than they can find on JetBlue and other airlines.Attorney General Merrick Garland held a news conference to announce the antitrust lawsuit — a sign of the importance that the administration places on stopping further consolidation in the airline industry."If allowed to proceed, this merger will limit choices and drive up ticket prices for passengers across the country" and "eliminate Spirit's unique and disruptive role in the industry," he said.The Justice Department lawsuit, filed in federal district court in Boston, stressed that the deal would mean the end of the nation's biggest "ultra-low-cost carrier." Those are airlines that generally provide the cheapest fares but also tend to charge more fees.The Justice Department lawyers said Spirit's demise would eliminate about half of all ultra-low-cost seats in the market.New York, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia joined the lawsuit. JetBlue and Spirit vowed to continue fighting to salvage their agreement.JetBlue and Spirit have anticipated a legal challenge for weeks.