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Local 10-year-old girl's music composition goes viral on TikTok

PHILADELPHIA - A young girl from Chester County is being considered something of a music prodigy after her mother found a song she composed and challenged other musicians on TikTok to play it.Mimi Wallace's 10-year-old daughter Olive is a novice violin and clarinet player. The 5th grader who adores music wrote down her own musical composition on a piece of paper. Mimi recorded a TikTok, explaining to viewers that she had found her daughters' composition and asked the internet to play the tune.

Since then, the response has been overwhelming. "So, my 10-year-old daughter wrote this, could somebody play this? I need to know if it's any good, if it makes sense," Mimi is heard saying on the TikTok that has garnered over 6 million views. Musicians from all over the world have since recorded their interpretation of Olive's musical composition. "I never in a million years would have expected this to happen," Olive said. "I'm blown away how many people put their time into that, it was just really amazing and beautiful." Olive hopes her music inspires others to pursue their love for music. "I'm happy it reached so many people and brings so many people joy, I think that's what music does for people," Olive said.

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Teacher's TikTok plea helps clear thousands of dollars in school lunch debt - fox29.com - state Utah
Teacher's TikTok plea helps clear thousands of dollars in school lunch debt
HEBER CITY, Utah - A Utah middle school teacher has used the power of TikTok trends to raise more than $31,000 for students who owe lunch debt in his district.Garrett Jones, who teaches seventh and eighth graders in Heber City, Utah, said it all started when he noticed the TikTok trend of people saying, "If someone would Venmo me a dollar I could ________.""A lot of it was like, ‘pay for my wedding,' ‘take my kids to Disneyland,' ‘take six months off of work,'" he told FOX TV Stations in an interview. READ MORE: Family raises over $250,000 for pizza delivery worker who fell on their porchJones, however, asked his followers for $1 donations to pay the outstanding lunch fees for every student at his school, "because the last thing a kid should be worrying about is how much they owe for meals at a place they’re legally obligated to be," his video said."I kind of did it as a joke at first. I just thought it would be cool to put a more meaningful or positive spin on that trend," Jones recalled.When he first had the idea, Jones thought he could raise "$200 or $300 and maybe be able to help a couple of students.""I’d be thrilled with that, just helping a couple," he said.Rocky Mountain Middle School teacher Garrett Jones and his broadcasting class (Garrett Jones) But Jones’ plea resonated with people — by the thousands — and quickly took off.
Justin Trudeau - TikTok banned on all Canadian government devices over ‘unacceptable’ risk - globalnews.ca - China - Canada
TikTok banned on all Canadian government devices over ‘unacceptable’ risk
TikTok on all government-issued mobile devices, Treasury Board President Mona Fortier announced on Monday.Effective Tuesday, TikTok “will be removed from government-issued mobile devices,” Fortier said in a statement.“Following a review of TikTok, the Chief Information Officer of Canada determined that it presents an unacceptable level of risk to privacy and security,” she added.“The decision to remove and block TikTok from government mobile devices is being taken as a precaution, particularly given concerns about the legal regime that governs the information collected from mobile devices, and is in line with the approach of our international partners.” Read more: TikTok on government devices under assessment in Canada TikTok’s data collection methods on mobile devices provide “considerable access” to the contents of the phone, Fortier explained.“While the risks of using this application are clear, we have no evidence at this point that government information has been compromised,” she added.When pressed on the announcement during a press conference on Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the government is “looking carefully at how to ensure Canadians are kept safe online.”“We’re making the decision for government employees, for government equipment, it is better to not have them access TikTok because of the concerns that people have in terms of safety,” Trudeau said.“This may be a first step.
New Chick-fil-A cauliflower sandwich sparks debate on TikTok - fox29.com - state California - state North Carolina - state South Carolina - state Colorado - city Sandwich
New Chick-fil-A cauliflower sandwich sparks debate on TikTok
TikTok launched into a frenzy after Chick-fil-A dropped its new "plant-forward" menu option, the "Chick-fil-A Cauliflower sandwich." The new plant-based sandwich is priced at $6.59, and is currently being tested in Colorado, South Carolina and North Carolina after its premiere on Monday, according to Chick-fil-A’s website. But the sandwich has sparked debate on TikTok, with some food influencers trying out the meal for fans. One TikToker, @morganchompz, reviewed the sandwich in a video on Tuesday that went viral with over 1.7 million views. "It honestly looks like a normal chicken sandwich, but it does have that cauliflower smell," the influencer told her followers. Her final verdict was that the sandwich mostly tasted like a "filet of breading." Another TikTok user also tried the cauliflower sandwich, but gave it a "10/10" and said that it looked and tasted like the original sandwich.The hashtag for Chick-fil-A’s cauliflower sandwich has amassed over 416 million views on the platform.A CHICK-FIL-A IN CALIFORNIA MAY BE DECLARED 'A PUBLIC NUISANCE,' CITY COUNCIL PLANS VOTEA Chick-fil-A spokesperson defended the cauliflower sandwich in a statement to Fox News Digital. Photo courtesy Chick-Fil-A "The Chick-fil-A Cauliflower Sandwich is a competitively priced plant-forward offering that features high-quality ingredients, including a whole cauliflower filet that is hand-breaded, prepared and cooked throughout the day."The spokesperson also acknowledged that customer feedback is important to Chick-fil-A menu options. "Guest input plays a key role in determining the future of test market menu offerings.
Malaysian opposition leader Anwar appointed Prime Minister - newsfirst.lk - Malaysia
Malaysian opposition leader Anwar appointed Prime Minister
(Reuters) – Malaysia's king appointed long-time opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister on Thursday and he will be sworn in at 5 p.m., ending five days of unprecedented post-election crisis after inconclusive polls.Anwar's appointment caps a three-decade-long political journey from a protege of veteran leader Mahathir Mohamad to a prisoner convicted of sodomy to opposition leader and, finally, prime minister.A general election on Saturday ended in an unprecedented hung parliament with neither of the two main alliances, one led by Anwar and the other by ex-premier Muhyiddin Yassin, immediately able to secure enough seats in parliament to form a government.The 75-year-old Anwar has time and again been denied the premiership despite getting within striking distance over the years: he was deputy prime minister in the 1990s and the official prime minister-in-waiting in 2018.In between, he spent nearly a decade in jail for sodomy and corruption in what he says were politically motivated charges aimed at ending his career.The uncertainty over the election threatened to prolong political instability in the Southeast Asian country, which has had three prime ministers in as many years, and risks delaying policy decisions needed to foster economic recovery.Anwar leads a multi-ethnic coalition of parties with progressive leanings while Muhyiddin's alliance reflects more conservative, ethnic Malay, Muslim views.Anwar's coalition, known as Pakatan Harapan, won the most seats in Saturday's vote with 82, while Muhyiddin's Perikatan Nasional bloc won 73.