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MLB umpires will have a new view for replays this season – on Zoom

Umpires discuss a video replay during a game between the Kansas City Royals and Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park on April 2, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) On-field umps this year will have 12.9-inch iPad Pro tablets brought out to them by a technician.

They will be connected to the Zoom contact center and the replay operations center so they can see what replay is being viewed. The replay umpire still gets the final call."You’ll be able to see who’s in the chair, who might be with that person, what plays they’re looking at, and be able to pair a visual interaction with the traditional audio interaction that they have discussing the call in the field," MLB Chief Operations and Strategy Officer Chris Marinak said.A limited number of broadcasts will have access to the Zoom videos being seen by the umps: Apple TV+ and MLB Network Showcase telecasts.

Marinak said the new technology could become available for postseason telecasts, and ballpark videoboards will have access to the Zoom views on the telecasts — which will have the company's branding.RELATED: Heartbroken over NCAA March Madness loss? Win a DiGiorno ‘Cry Pie’ to ease your painZoom also will be used by MLB during the first day of the amateur draft in Seattle on July 9. It’s too early to determine whether Zoom can be incorporated into robot plate umpires, the automated ball-strike system being tested throughout Triple-A this season."That whole ecosystem is open for innovation and experimentation," Marinak said.

"We’re absolutely going to try things out and see what sticks. For ABS, I think it’s too early to say that we’re settled on one particular process and technology in the long-run.

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Ranil Wickremesinghe - Temple Trees - Sri Lanka will be led to the path of success – President - newsfirst.lk - Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka will be led to the path of success – President
PMD: President Ranil Wickremesinghe emphasized that the Royal College cricket team’s effective captaincy ultimately led to the team’s victory at a time when all of the matches were being lost and that his effort is to lift the defeated country to the path of victory similar to what the captain of the Royal College cricket team did.The President recalled that when he assumed office last July, the country was experiencing numerous crises such as shortage of fuel, food, and fertilizer. He compared this to the Royal team, which had suffered a string of defeats, and claimed that many people believed the country would not be able to recover.However, President Ranil Wickremesinghe stressed that his team was able to change that situation and create economic stability in the country in the last seven months and emphasized that Sri Lanka is no longer a bankrupt state.President Ranil Wickremesinghe made this statement while addressing the 32nd Interact District Conference held at Temple Trees on Sunday morning (19).He said that everyone would be able to witness a developing country in the next two years, and to make Sri Lanka the most prosperous country in the region, it is necessary to build the economy in addition to stabilizing it today.The President added that the 25-year plan to make Sri Lanka a successful nation by 2048 has already been implemented and it can only be achieved with the commitment of the current youth.This conference was organized by St.
Joe Biden - John Thune - Bank failures, bailouts divide Congress on next steps - fox29.com - Usa - Washington - state Ohio - city Washington - state South Dakota
Bank failures, bailouts divide Congress on next steps
WASHINGTON (AP) - Bills were filed, hearings were planned and blame was cast as Congress reacted this past week to the abrupt failure of two banks. A look at what lawmakers are saying and planning as the fallout continues from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.While President Joe Biden called Monday on Congress to strengthen the rules for banks to prevent future failures, lawmakers are divided on whether any legislation is needed.Some congressional leaders are skeptical that a closely divided Congress will act at all."There’s people who are going to choose bills, but I cannot imagine that, with the hold banks have on Republican members of Congress, that we can pass anything significant," said Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee.Republicans say the laws already in place were sufficient to prevent the bank failures, if only regulators had done their job by spotting obvious problems and directing the banks to take steps that would reduce their risk."If there are ideas out there that people have, you know, at some point, we would be willing to entertain those, but I think it would be premature to start talking about solutions before we fully define the problem and ultimately get answers from the regulators about why they were asleep at the job," said Sen.
Taco Bell pulling beloved item from menu, bringing back two fan favorites - fox29.com - Britain - city London, Britain
Taco Bell pulling beloved item from menu, bringing back two fan favorites
Fast food chain Taco Bell is set to remove a popular item from its menu to free up space to bring back two other items beloved by customers.Starting on April 19, Taco Bell customers will no longer be able to purchase the Quesarito, which has been a menu staple since it debuted in 2014, The Takeout reported.The Quesarito, which has only been available through the Taco Bell app or online over the last few months, features a burrito wrapped in a cheese quesadilla and was surrounded by a considerable amount of buzz when it was introduced.The Takeout reported that the item is being removed from menus in order to bring back two popular menu items, the Bacon Club Chalupa and the Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito.Sign for the fast food brand Taco Bell on 18th May 2022 in London, United Kingdom. (photo by Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images) The Bacon Club Chalupa contains ingredients similar to a club sandwich and has been on and off the menu since 1999.The Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito was offered during the holiday season last year and contains a double serving of steak, rice, cheese, nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, tortilla strips, and is grilled with a layer of cheese on the exterior.TACO BELL OPENS FIRST RESTAURANT WITH HIGH-TECH DRIVE-THRU EXPERIENCETaco Bell is continuing to innovate with tastes and flavors less familiar to other regions, while infusing familiarity and authenticity in every item.
Kim Jong Un - News Agency - Josh Breslow - N. Korea launches two missiles from submarine in weapons test - fox29.com - South Korea - Russia - North Korea - city Pyongyang - city Seoul, South Korea - Ukraine
N. Korea launches two missiles from submarine in weapons test
A general view shows pedestrian and traffic amid the Pyongyang city skyline and Ryugyong hotel (R) on March 9, 2019.(Photo credit should read ED JONES/AFP via Getty Images) SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - North Korea said Monday it has conducted submarine-launched cruise missile tests, days after its leader Kim Jong Un ordered his troops to be ready to repel its rivals’ "frantic war preparation moves."The test on Sunday came a day before the U.S. and South Korean militaries begin large-scale joint military drills that North Korea views as a rehearsal for invasion.The official Korean Central News Agency said Monday that the missile launches were meant to confirm the reliability of the weapons system and gauge underwater-to-surface offensive operations of the country's submarine units.RELATED: Rapper Costa Titch dies at 28 after collapsing onstage during music festivalComing off a record year in missile testing, North Korea's weapons demonstrations this year include test launches of an intercontinental ballistic missile, short-range missiles and a purported long-range cruise missile system in recent weeks.The White House said Wednesday that North Korea is covertly sending a significant number of artillery shells to Russia amid the war with Ukraine.
Sri Lanka using expired tear gas on protests? - newsfirst.lk - Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka using expired tear gas on protests?
COLOMBO (News 1st); A report prepared by the Centre for Society and Religion on the use of tear gas in Sri Lanka has revealed that Sri Lanka Police has not conducted any laboratory test over the contents of tear gas munitions.The report filed based on the information obtained via the Right to Information Act revealed that Sri Lanka Police had used expired tear gas munitions to disperse protests in 2022, and some of those munitions were produced back in 2000.It noted that in 2012, a total of 20,000 tear gas munitions were procured and until 2016 only 2,306 of those units were used.The report adds that the remaining munitions were to expire in 2017, however they were not disposed.It added that from 2012 to 2019 a total of over 40,000 tear gas munitions were to expire, and during that period 8,265 tear gas munitions were used on protests, and another 31,735 expired tear gas munitions remain in service.The report from the Centre for Society and Religion notes that the handling of tear gas munitions by Sri Lanka Police totally violates all instructions given by the manufacturers, including to not deploy the munitions close to live firearms, and not to fire them directly at protestors.It added that from March to July 2022, during the period of the worst economic crisis in the country, Sri Lanka Police deployed 6,722 tear gas munitions on 84 separate occasions at a cost of Rs.
'We are global changers': Imhotep Institute Charter students solve real world problems with technology - fox29.com - state Mississippi - Ghana - county Wilson - city Germantown - Jackson, state Mississippi
'We are global changers': Imhotep Institute Charter students solve real world problems with technology
EAST GERMANTOWN - Students at Imhotep Charter High School are changing lives through their stem program. Through the use of 3D printers, they are bringing clean water everywhere from Mississippi to Ghana."I am one of the first people in my family to be doing something this big," student JaNiece Watters said.Five months ago, STEM ambassadors from Imhotep Institute Charter High School traveled to Jackson, Mississippi to aid in the city’s water crisis.RELATED COVERAGE:Student Musa Wilson stated, "Knowing that we changed lives down in Jackson, Mississippi is really monumental for us, especially as young, Black kids."Now the students will be taking 3D printed water filters overseas to a town in Ghana, called Kheta, where the water can’t even be used to wash hands."We’re going to be helping over 3,000 students across 10 different schools in Ghana," Watters continued.From water filter design and 3D printing, to product testing and research, each of the students has a fundamental role in the life-changing project."We’re trying to produce 200 and it probably takes around seven to eight hours to make one, so we’re getting ahead early," student Cyril Woodland said.Shirley Posey is the director of STEM at Imhotep and says being proud is an understatement."We’re trying to cultivate our scholars to be critical thinkers, to be problem solvers.
Philadelphia Phillies - Investigative report finds dangerous chemicals in old Veterans Stadium turf - fox29.com - state Pennsylvania - city Philadelphia - county Lancaster
Investigative report finds dangerous chemicals in old Veterans Stadium turf
PHILADELPHIA - An investigative report conducted by the Philadelphia Inquirer discovered the presence of dangerous chemicals in the turf at the old Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia. The report was sparked by the deaths of six Philadelphia Phillies players who died from an aggressive form of brain cancer before 60, according to the Inquirer. Their deaths led to investigations of the artificial turf at Veterans Stadium, where they all played. An investigative report by the Philadelphia Inquirer found PFAS, also known as forever chemicals, in the turf from the old Veterans Stadium.  (Jessica Griffin / The Philadelphia Inquirer)Investigative reporter Barbara Laker from the Philadelphia Inquirer joined Good Day Philadelphia to discuss the investigation and its implications. The Inquirer team purchased samples of the old turf sold when the stadium closed and sent them to a lab in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for testing. Lab results revealed the presence of PFAS in the turf. RELATED HEADLINESLaker says an investigative team spent months talking to experts about the dangers of PFAS, also known as forever chemicals and linked to several forms of cancer. "They call these chemicals forever chemicals because they stay in the environment forever. They stay in your body for years.