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Davina McCall reveals daughter Holly got coronavirus after a week at Newcastle Uni as students ‘fail to social distance’

DAVINA McCall's oldest daughter, Holly, 18, caught the coronavirus after just a week at univeristy. The 52-year-old star said her daughter had just arrived to Newcastle University and within a week tested positive to Covid-19.

Davina made the shocking revelation on her podcast, Making The Cut, while chatting to her co-host and boyfriend Michael Douglas. The pair were joking about renaming the virus to 'the Covids' because "when you pluralise things, it’s funny" Davina argued.

Michael opened up about how he and his son tested negative to the virus the week before, when Davina revealed Holly's diagnosis. "Whereas my daughter got it.

She tested positive," Davina said. Michael added: "The irony there is she’s a very positive person." "She is a

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