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Kelsey Parker reveals she's developed health issue from anxiety a year on from husband Tom's death

READ MORE: Noticing that a wave that had lapped up on the shore had left the shape of a love heart in the sand, she said: "I always say that he sends me signs all the time. "It was incredible when the heart appeared. I just massively felt him there.

”Kelsey also revealed that the anxiety she has felt in the build-up to the milestone manifested itself in a tic. “I was just dreading this month,” she told OK! magazine. “When I met my friend for coffee I kept clearing my throat and coughing, like a little tic.

I think it’s just the anxiety of this month and the struggle. It’s like living in a s**t show. "She added “I don’t want to feel like it’s s**t.

But obviously it is, as it’s so difficult. Me and Tom were the ‘Positive Parkers’ and I try and see the positive in everything. But honestly, I don’t feel like there is a positive in my life at the moment.

It’s just awful what’s happened to us as a family. ”Kelsey says she's 'living for today' following their tragic loss. “I’m just miserable, but I know that there will be happiness at some point,” she said.

“I don’t look to the future as I never thought this was going to be my future. "I just live for today as that’s all I’ve got. My future was sitting on the beach in Broadstairs with Tom in our eighties eating our fish and chips together.

But it’s been taken away from me. ”Kelsey is currently focusing on renovating her home in Kent, which she and Tom moved into just six months before he died. “I felt like Tom moved me to give me a new start,” she said.

“And because he spent a lot of time at home being poorly, his favourite thing was to look at his phone and send me what he wanted the house to look like. So I’m sticking with his visions. ”To see all the exclusive pictures and

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