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Teen surfer recalls shark attack off New Jersey coast: 'It pulled me down a little bit'

STONE HARBOR, N.J. - A local girl is recovering from what officials believe to be a shark bite she suffered while surfing along the Jersey coast days before beachgoers head to the water for the unofficial start of summer.Maggie Drozdowski, 15, said she was surfing with a friend off the beach near 109th Street in Stone Harbor when she felt something wrap around her foot and try to tug her under. "I felt something around my foot, and it pulled me down a little bit," Maggie said. "I shook my leg as hard as I could to get it off, but it just wouldn't." Maggie credits her 3 millimeter wetsuit for giving her enough protection to keep the suspected shark from inflicting much more serious injuries. "I went over the wave and she went under it, she screamed and I turned around because I thought she was drowning or something, but she got up and she said ‘I think something bit me," said Sarah O’Donnell, a friend who was with Maggie during the attack. Medics were called to the beach and rushed Maggie to Cape May Regional Medical Center for treatment that included six stitches.

Wildlife officials are unsure the size or species that may have attacked her. "I'm just in shock, I just thought that wouldn't be something that would ever happen to me because I watched all the Jaws movies and stuff, and I thought it was a joke," Maggie said. MORE LOCAL HEADLINESAccording to the University of Florida, shark attacks worldwide are rare. Out of the 41 unprovoked shark attacks last year, only one resulted in a fatality.

The last unprovoked shark attack in New Jersey was off the coast of Ventnor in 2017.Data from the University of Florida shows that shark attacks worldwide are infrequent, and deadly attacks are even more rare. Of the 41 unprovoked

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Larry Krasner - Court docs show how police nabbed woman accused of aiding Philadelphia prison escape - - city Philadelphia
Court docs show how police nabbed woman accused of aiding Philadelphia prison escape
PHILADELPHIA - Court documents reveal how investigators were able to tie a formerly incarcerated woman to the orchestrated escape of two Philadelphia inmates that sparked a citywide manhunt. Xianni Stalling, 21, was taken into custody Thursday in connection to the Sunday night escape of Ameen Hust, 18, and Nasir Grant, 24, from Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center. The inmates were absent for three headcounts in the hours following their escape, but prison officials say they were not aware Hurst and Grant were gone until late Monday afternoon. Sources told FOX 29 the inmates' cell doors and the door to a recreation yard were left unlocked, which allowed the duo to pass through undetected before escaping through a hole in a fence. From there, an affidavit claims Hurst and Grant were able to climb over two additional barbed wire fences and onto the 8300 block of State Road. The woman has been charged with criminal conspiracy, hindering apprehension, escape and use of a communication facility, according to Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner.Documents show that three hours before the escape, Hurst had a phone conversation with an unknown man during which he made arrangements to be picked up near a bridge behind the prison.Authorities believe that Xianni Stallings helped facilitate that conversation, and alluded to Hurst and Grant's escape during a video call with another prisoner a day later. During that conversation, court documents say Stallings appeared shocked that the unnamed inmate she spoke to hadn't heard about the prison break. "You had the opportunity to run from jail," Stallings is allegedly heard saying.