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Video shows confrontation between Spirit Airlines employee, traveler at DFW Airport

DALLAS - Spirit Airlines said it suspended an employee who got into an argument with a traveler that got out of control at DFW Airport.Airport police were not on the scene while the fight was happening, but they are investigating. They took a report based on the accounts of the two people involved, plus witnesses who recorded video.The fight apparently started over a problem with seating on a flight.No one was taken into custody as both parties were released from the scene after being interviewed.

So far, no one has been officially charged. DFW Airport police confirmed the investigation is still ongoing. Video of the confrontation has now been viewed by millions.A Spirit Airlines employee got into an argument with a traveler that got out of control at DFW Airport.Video shows them both on the ground shortly after she yelled a series of homophobic slurs at him, shoved him and then hit him inside DFW International Airport Thursday. "I am at the Panda Express, and we hear yelling, and I drop my food. And my instinct is to pull out the camera and start recording," recalled Thomas Shannon.The professional photographer was the person behind the camera, and he was unsure what sparked the argument. "How did we get here? Why do we think this is ok?" Shannon added.According to a DFW Airport police incident report released Friday, the female passenger from Fort Worth became angry during the boarding process. The Spirit employee told the airport police the woman got off a plane complaining there wasn’t a seat for her.

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Rise in anal sex leads to health problems for women as doctors 'too embarrassed' to talk
NHS surgeons have warned.Two top surgeons have warned that a doctors reluctance to talk over the risks associated with anal sex are leading to women being harmed.Consequences listed in the British Medical Journal include incontinence and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as bodily trauma, pain and bleeding from anal sex encounters.READ MORE: Nurse killed by driver after his window 'all misted up' before horrifying 'bang'But two top surgeons, Tabitha Gana and Lesley Hunt, argue that doctors too embarrassed to talk over the issues are leading to more problems than normal.Writing in the journal, the pair say that "anal intercourse is considered a risky sexual behaviour because of its association with alcohol, drug use and multiple sex partners".The journal also notes that "within popular culture it has moved from the world of pornography to mainstream media" such as the Phoebe-Waller Bridge-written series Fleabag or comedy-drama Sex and the City.Shows such as that, the journal claims, have made anal sex seem "racy and daring".The report also said that women who engage in anal sex are at greater risk than men, with increased rates of "faecal incontinence and anal sphincter injury" reported.The report continued: "Women are at a higher risk of incontinence than men because of their different anatomy and the effects of hormones, pregnancy and childbirth on the pelvic floor."The pain and bleeding women report after anal sex is indicative of trauma, and risks may be increased if anal sex is coerced."The surgeons added, though, that doctors and GPs are less likely to talk about anal sex and that they are subsequently "failing a generation of young women," The Guardian reported.Professor of sexual health and HIV