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Hitman in New Jersey murder-for-hire of political consultant gets 16 years

NEWARK, NJ - A career criminal whose rap sheet includes bank robberies and a murder conspiracy has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for killing a New Jersey political consultant in exchange for money back in 2014.George Bratsenis, 74, pleaded guilty a year ago to a charge that he and another man accepted thousands of dollars from another political consultant, Sean Caddle, in exchange for killing Michael Galdieri. Galdieri was stabbed to death in his Jersey City apartment, which was then set on fire.U.S.

District Judge John Michael Vazquez imposed the 16-year sentence Wednesday, plus five years of supervised release n federal court in Newark.A man who served time in a New Jersey prison with Bratsenis in the early 2000s, Bomani Africa, also pleaded guilty in the killing and was sentenced last month to 20 years. He named Bratsenis as the accomplice who helped kill Galdieri.Caddle was well-known in northern New Jersey politics.

His one-time clients included current Democratic U.S. Sen.

Bob Menendez and former Democratic state senator and gubernatorial candidate Raymond Lesniak.Caddle’s plea agreement referred briefly and opaquely to him providing investigators with information, but didn’t say what. He pleaded to conspiring to commit murder-for-hire in January 2022 and hasn't been sentenced yet.

The U.S. attorney’s office has declined comment, as has an attorney for Bratsenis.Questions still surround the case over why the plot was put in motion, how Caddle was linked to the two ex-convicts and why federal prosecutors have said so little about the crime.Less mysterious is the depth and breadth of Bratsenis’s criminal past.Bratsenis served in the Marines from 1968 to 1974, and then began racking up convictions in

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Nihal Thalduwa - Snr. DIG & several top cops from North Western province transferred to Colombo -
Snr. DIG & several top cops from North Western province transferred to Colombo
COLOMBO (News 1st); Several police officers from the North Western Province including a Senior DIG have been given transfers to Colombo.Police Spokesperson SSP Nihal Thalduwa told News 1st that Senior DIG in charge of the North Western Province, Puttlam DIG, Puttlam SSP, Puttlam SP and the Anamaduwa OIC were given transfers.Senior DIG in charge of the North Western Province Lalith Pathinayake was transferred to Police Headquarters.The other officers have been transferred to the Police Field Force Headquarters.Senior DIG Sajiva Medawatte was appointed as the Acting DIG for the North Western Province.It is reported that the transfers came into effect following an incident where a Police Constable attached to the Nawagattegama Police Station, the North Western Province, was beaten up on the 22nd of March.According to the Police Spokesperson, on the 22nd of March the Police Constable had obtained leave and gone home, and on that day he was engaged in an altercation with a group of Police Task Force personnel who were loitering opposite his residence.Following the brawl, the STF personnel had dumped the injured police constable in the cemetery in the area.Five Police Special Task Force personnel were arrested following the incident, and they are attached to the Puttlam STF camp.The arrested personnel at two Inspectors, one Police STF Sergeant, two Police STF constables.
Jim Kenney - 'I don't think this is rocket science': Mayor Kenney defends Philadelphia water response that sparked panic - - city Philadelphia
'I don't think this is rocket science': Mayor Kenney defends Philadelphia water response that sparked panic
PHILADELPHIA - Shelves were left empty as Philadelphia residents fled to grocery stores to wait in endless lines for bottled water after news of a chemical spill broke over the weekend.Mayor Jim Kenney was confronted by local reporters Tuesday after the city sent out several contradictory advisories, leaving residents confused and concerned about the city's water quality.Although he admitted to the chemical spill being a "scary" situation, the mayor said he does not regret the city's response."When we weren’t sure, we had to give people some advisory, so people would be safe," he said. "If we had held onto the information you would be asking me why we didn’t say anything."RELATED COVERAGE: Tap water deemed 'safe' to drink, use in Philadelphia at least through Wednesday night, officials sayIn response to panic-buying across Philadelphia and beyond, Kenney said the city didn't set up a water distribution center because they didn't think there would be a run on bottled water."Look we had a run on toilet paper during Covid that didn’t make sense either, and people buy 10 cases of water is pretty selfish," he said.RELATED COVERAGE: Philadelphians panic-buy bottled water despite reassurance from city leaders about tap waterThe mayor went on to confirm that the water supply is safe, and that the bottled-water advisory was merely a suggestion made out of an abundance of safety."I don't think this is rocket science here," the mayor said.As of Tuesday afternoon, Philadelphia officials say tap water is safe to drink until 11:59 p.m.
Beata Zawrzel - Chipotle agrees to pay $240K to employees of shuttered Maine store - - Usa - New York, Usa - Mexico - state Michigan - state Maine
Chipotle agrees to pay $240K to employees of shuttered Maine store
Chipotle Mexican Grill logo sign is seen on a restaurant in New York, United States, on October 25, 2022. (Photo by Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images) Chipotle Mexican Grill agreed to pay nearly a quarter of a million dollars to dozens of former employees from its shuttered Maine restaurant. The fast casual food chain agreed to issue $240,000 in back pay to 24 employees who worked at the Augusta location "as part of a settlement for illegally closing the restaurant in the middle of a union organizing drive" in July, according to the Maine AFL-CIO. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) confirmed to FOX Business that the money will be issued to the employees who were on the payroll when the store was shuttered. Maine AFL-CIO, a state federation of over 160 unions across Maine, announced on Facebook that this marks a "win for food service workers across the country." MICHIGAN BECOMES FIRST STATE IN DECADES TO REPEAL 'RIGHT-TO-WORK' LAW"It sends a message to corporations that shutting down a store and blackballing workers didn't work for Chipotle, and it won't work for them either," Brandi McNease, a former Augusta Chipotle employee and lead Chipotle United organizer, said in a statement. The NLRB announced in November that the company violated federal labor law by closing a Maine restaurant before labor organizers had the chance to try and unionize. Workers at the store filed a petition with the NLRB in June seeking to hold a union election.