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Jupiter to reach opposition, make closest approach to Earth in decades — when to see it

This image was acquired on Sept. 12, 2010, when Jupiter was close to opposition. South is up and the "Great Red Spot" is visible.

Two of Jupiter's moons, Io and Ganymede, can also be seen in this image. (Photo by: Universal History Archive/Universal Just after the fall equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, it will be a prime viewing time for sky watchers seeking a special glimpse of Jupiter, which will soon make its closest approach in nearly 60 years.There will be great views of Jupiter throughout the night of Monday, Sept. 26, when the largest planet in our solar system reaches opposition, according to NASA.

Opposition is when Earth passes directly between the sun and an outer planet — in this case, Jupiter — placing the giant planet and the sun on opposite sides of Earth.Jupiter’s opposition happens every 13 months, which makes the planet appear larger and brighter than at any other time of the year, NASA says. What makes this period of opposition even more special is that Jupiter will also make its closest approach to Earth in the last 59 years — two things that rarely coincide.The planets in our solar system do not orbit the sun in perfect circles. Instead, they orbit in more of an ellipse or "flattened" circle shape.

This means Earth and Jupiter pass each other at different points throughout the year. FILE - A display of the summer Milky Way. Seen in this photograph is the spiral arm of our galaxy; stars of the constellation Libra, constellation Scorpius, Planet Jupiter (Bright Spot at the Center) & Majestic Saturn at 8 o'clock of Jupiter. Thi Jupiter will be approximately 367 million miles in distance from Earth at its closest approach.

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Request to vacate 2000 murder conviction of Adnan Syed granted by judge - - city Baltimore
Request to vacate 2000 murder conviction of Adnan Syed granted by judge
BALTIMORE - A judge has granted a request from prosecutors to vacate the 2000 murder conviction of Adnan Syed, whose case was chronicled in the hit podcast "Serial."READ MORE: Judge orders new look at evidence in Adnan Syed case chronicled in podcast 'Serial'The development comes after Baltimore prosecutors filed a motion Wednesday saying a lengthy investigation conducted with the defense had uncovered new evidence that could undermine the conviction of Syed.Baltimore prosecutors have asked a judge to vacate Adnan Syed's conviction for a 1999 murder that was chronicled in the hit podcast "Serial."Syed has served more than 20 years in prison for the strangling of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, who was 18 when she was killed in 1999. Her body was found buried in a Baltimore park.Syed, 42, has maintained his innocence for decades and captured the attention of millions in 2014 when the debut season of the "Serial" podcast focused on the case and raised doubts about some of the evidence, including cellphone tower data.Adnan Syed (L) and Hae Min Lee (R) Prosecutors said in their motion that they weren’t asserting that Syed is innocent but they lacked confidence "in the integrity of the conviction" and recommended he be released on his own recognizance or bail.READ MORE: Prosecutors ask judge to vacate Adnan Syed's murder conviction"We believe that keeping Mr.
Michelle Bachelet - Four rights organizations call UNHRC to adopt strong resolution on human rights in Sri Lanka - - Sri Lanka
Four rights organizations call UNHRC to adopt strong resolution on human rights in Sri Lanka
COLOMBO (News 1st); Four rights organizations, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Forum Asia and the International Commission of Jurists have called for permanent representatives of member and observer states of the United Nations Human Rights Council to adopt a strong resolution on human rights in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, the four organizations have called for support for a strong resolution on human rights in Sri Lanka, which renews the OHCHR Accountability Project and addresses ongoing violations and abuses, including the suppression of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.Pointing out that Sri Lanka is currently suffering an economic, political and human rights crisis, the rights organizations state that during the recent months, countless people have taken to the streets to call for reform, accountability for corruption, and for urgent Government action to protect their rights.Citing previous recommendations made by the former UNHRC High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet, the four rights organizations further call to adopt a resolution renewing the mandate of the Accountability Project and requesting the UN to provide the resources required to provide greater investigative capacity and witness protection, greater technical capacity to analyze evidence and to undertake outreach and engagement with civil society and victims.The rights organizations further state that the resolution should also call upon Sri Lanka to;– Restore cooperation with the efforts at the Human Rights Council to advance accountability for serious crimes under international law; – Strengthen and ensure the independence of the Office of Missing Persons and the  Office of Reparations, which were established under Resolution
Women PM Caucus consider Bill for Gender Equality - - Sri Lanka
Women PM Caucus consider Bill for Gender Equality
COLOMBO (News 1st); The Women Parliamentarian’s Caucus which met in Parliament recently under the chairmanship of Dr. Sudarshani Fernandopulle, took into discussion the proposal presented to the Committee with the objective of ensuring the rights and protection of Sri Lankan women as well as gender quality. Accordingly, the proposals to the Bill includes the establishing of an independent commission titled the “National Women’s Commission” through an Act of Parliament with the mandate to provide leadership on legal and policy reform, monitor the implementation of laws and women’s rights and gender equality, and to make recommendations to Parliament for intervention on issues of gender equity and equality.Furthermore, the proposals also looks into the establishment of an independent Ombudswoman on gender issues under the office of the Ombudsperson to investigate and provide redress for injustice against individual women in the public sector, to legislate for the purpose of expediting cases of violence against women and girl children, incorporating internal monitoring mechanisms within the relevant line ministries to ensure that the security forces and the police adhere to prohibitions of torture, rape and other human right violations Etc..Whilst emphasizing the importance of such Bill, the Chairperson of the Women Parliamentarian’s Caucus and its members were of the view that the proposals to the Bill must be looked into with a deeper understanding.
Temple Trees - Sri Lanka: Human Rights Comm. wants to probe the entire Law Enforcement system - - Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka: Human Rights Comm. wants to probe the entire Law Enforcement system
COLOMBO (News 1st); The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has recommended that the President appoints a committee to identify perpetrators within Law Enforcement who are responsible for the breach of the law, that led to the violence on the 9th of May 2022. HRCSL in a statement on its findings relating to the investigation of the violence that broke out on the 9th of May 2022 opposite Temple Trees, and Galle Face said that it was revealed that the police could not accurately ascertain the speeches of the parliamentarians and the other State and non-State officials made inside the Temple Trees, on that day.The failure of not obtain this crucial information is attributed to the intelligence unit under the Secretary of Defense which is The State Intelligence Unit, said the HRCSL.The HRCSL said that the leadership of the police (lGP and the Senior officers) must have a system that constantly analyses all incoming information and that Sri Lanka Police should have a system of obtaining all information relevant to prepare the officers for every possible attack.The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka advised examining the telephone conversations between the IGP to his subordinates and from the subordinates to the IGP and the telephone conversation between the IGP and the Secretary of defense from 11.50 to 1.00 PM on 9th May 2022, and the complete phone messages must be obtained from the TRCSL.The HRCSL also recommended that the state adequately compensate the victims who had suffered injuries due to this breach of duty of the Law Enforcement officials.It also recommended that the President may direct the committee that is to be appointed to investigate the entire system of Law enforcement and identify the responsibility and
Ontario COVID advisory table recommends ‘permanent measures’ for classrooms ahead of school year -
Ontario COVID advisory table recommends ‘permanent measures’ for classrooms ahead of school year
COVID-19 Science Advisory Table (SAT) has released a new report with recommendations on how to limit the spread of the coronavirus.The brief, released on Thursday said in-person schooling is “essential for children and youth for both academic educational attainment and for the development of social, emotional growth and life skills.” Universities, colleges should follow Ontario medical officer on COVID requirements: gov’t The advisory table said in order to limit the spread of COVID-19, a number of “permanent measures” should be implemented.These permanent measures include achieving and maintaining adequate indoor air quality, implementing proper hand hygiene, conducting environmental cleaning and disinfection, ensuring students and staff stay home when they are sick and ensure they are staying up-to-date with routine and recommended immunizations.The advisory table said temporary infection-related measures such as masking, physical distancing, cohorting, active screening and testing “can help reduce the transmission of communicable illnesses in schools.”“However, some can pose additional challenges to school operations, student learning and student wellness,” the brief read. “Furthermore, some of these measures may adversely impact social connectedness, which is of vital importance for children of all ages and of heightened significance in the adolescent years.”(1/7) We released a new Science Brief today on infection prevention and control considerations for schools during the 2022-23 academic year.
Summer Hill Leopard Tragedy: Cause of Death revealed - - Sri Lanka
Summer Hill Leopard Tragedy: Cause of Death revealed
COLOMBO (News 1st); The final report of the committee appointed to investigate the death of a Sri Lankan Leopard at the Summer Hill Estate in Hatton was submitted to Minister of Agriculture, Wildlife, and Forest Resources Conservation Mahinda Amaraweera on Thursday (25).The report notes that the Leopard was hanging from a tree for several hours after it entangled with a wire set up for a snare in the Summer Hill Estate.The Investigiation revealed that as a result the Leopard's interal organs were severely damaged leading to its death.The report also noted that the Leopard was not crushed under the tree it was hanging from, after it was cut down.The committee had made 25 recommendations to the Minister in the report in order to protect and conserve the Sri Lankan Leopard population.Sri Lanka's Minister of Agriculture, Wildlife, and Forest Resources Conservation Mahinda Amaraweera called for an investigation on the death of a Sri Lankan Leopard in the Summer Hill Estate in Hatton, a day after the incident was widely reported on local media.The Minister on 8th August said that an immediate investigation will be conducted into the death of the Leopard, and if proven that the death was a direct result of negligence on the part of the Wildlife Officers, necessary disciplinary action will be taken against them.The Leopard was discovered trapped in a snare set up for wild boars in the Summer Hill Estate which is part of the Wanarajah Tea Estate in Hatton on 7th August.The Leopard had managed to somewhat break free from the Snare, however, its body was entangled with the snare wire, and it had later managed to climb onto a tree.Locals had seen the leopard hanging from the tree on and informed the Wildlife Officers.Wildlife
Sri Lanka’s MOD clarifies terror list - - Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s MOD clarifies terror list
COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka's Defence Ministry clarified the blacklisting and delisting of persons and organizations from its terror list.According to the blacklisting and delisting of persons, 577 individuals and 18 organizations were blacklisted in the year 2021 for financing terrorism under the United Nations Regulation.After a series of discussions and a careful study conducted at the Ministry of Defence by a committee consisting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Attorney General's Department, key Intelligence Agencies, Law Enforcing Agencies, and the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, and based on reports and evidence concerning the financing terrorism by individuals and organizations, recommendations were submitted for the listing and delisting.Accordingly, among the aforesaid 577 individuals and 18 organizations, a decision was made to delist 316 individuals and 06 organizations since they no longer continue to fund terrorist activities.Furthermore, it has been decided to blacklist 55 individuals and 03 organizations those recently recognized as active in financing terrorism during the period.Thus, forwarding the recommendation of the Ministry of Defence to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 29, 2022, for their consent, 316 individuals and 15 organizations were blacklisted on August 1, 2022, by Extraordinary Gazette.Such inclusions and exclusions for blacklisted individuals and organizations are routinely carried out by relevant authorities after observation and careful study over a continuous time.Relevant authorities remain to be vigilant on the activities of the delisted individuals and organizations and will ban them again if raising of funds for financing terrorism is
Orlando man says he paid rent to fake homeowner for months, now might have to move out - - state Florida - city Orlando
Orlando man says he paid rent to fake homeowner for months, now might have to move out
ORLANDO, Fla. - Isaac Aviles, 19, was relieved to finally find a rental home he could afford.But a couple of weeks ago, the home's real owner told him he's been paying the wrong person, and he might need to get out.Aviles was paying $1,200 for the three-bedroom house in Orlando.He says he found it on Zillow, paying a man he spoke to on the phone, but hasn't met in person."I just know like what his name was that he gave me, but it doesn’t seem to match up with anything," Aviles said.After paying the man rent for three months, Aviles got a letter on his door, saying that man isn't the owner.The company that does own it has the home on its website, saying the rent is twice as much.TRENDING: Video: Bear climbs barbed wire fence at Florida Air Force baseAviles might still be able to stay there if he is approved and can afford it.FOX 35 called the person Aviles has been paying to ask about that specific house.The man asked how soon we wanted to move in, but hung up after hearing our questions about who owns the house.MORE NEWS: Florida teen who lost leg in shark attack discharged from hospitalOrlando realtor Mateo Reza tells FOX 35 rental fraud has become more common, with so many vacant homes owned by large firms and so much competition from renters."People are desperate to find a rental property, because rents have increased so much that it is really difficult for them to afford rent here in Central Florida," Reza said.Reza recommends searching homes on multiple sites to see if there are different owners, or checking the county assessor's website.