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Trump announces his 2024 presidential campaign

(CNBC) WASHINGTON — Former President Donald Trump announced Tuesday night that he was running for president in 2024, laying out an aggressively conservative agenda that includes executing people convicted of dealing drugs.“We are a nation in decline. We are a failing nation for millions of Americans,” Trump said in a speech at his Florida private club, speaking about President Joe Biden’s first two years running the nation.

“I will ensure Joe Biden does not receive four more years.”He also filed papers with the Federal Election Commission Tuesday night in which he declared himself a candidate for the presidency and established a new campaign committee.“This campaign will be about issues, vision and success, and we will not stop, we will not quit, until we’ve achieved the highest goals and made our country greater than it has ever been before,” Trump said.Trump’s speech on Tuesday echoed his 2016 campaign speeches in many ways, painting a dystopian picture of America as a failing nation ravaged by violent crime during “a time of pain, hardship, anxiety and despair.”By launching his campaign now, just a week after Republicans lost key midterm races, Trump was rejecting the counsel of current and former advisers who had cautioned him against declaring himself a candidate for president so soon after a defeat for his party.Trump’s filing with the F.E.C. created the Donald J.

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Kamal Gunaratne - Children work together without discrimination – Sec. Def. -
Children work together without discrimination – Sec. Def.
COLOMBO (News 1st) – The need for peaceful co-existence and unity among the races is felt more strongly than at any time in history, in our country where different races live together and children in all parts of the island are working together without discrimination, Defence Secretary General Kamal Gunaratne said on Wednesday (26).The National Cadet Corps (NCC), including in the North and Eastern Provinces, is doing silent service to build harmony among nationalities supporting the government's program after lasting peace was restored in the country.The Defence Secretary made these remarks while gracing as the Chief Guest of the passing out parade of NCC Hermann Loos & De Soyza Championship – 2022 held at the NCC Training Centre at Rantembe.The Defence Secretary also said there is an opinion in society that children who are engaged in cadet activities during school period acquire leadership qualities, discipline, the persistent performance of their duties, the ability to face challenges and live with self-confidence when socializing as adults and it reflects well through them.He congratulated the cadets who won the national championship as well as all the other cadet platoons who competed very well in the competition. He also paid his gratitude to their parents for directing their children to the training activities of the NCC and for being a great strength to them.General Gunaratne in his address said that our children should be prepared to face the emerging world as future employment sector is undergoing a massive transformation and accordingly, digital technology methods such as artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, robotics etc.
Ranil Wickremesinghe - President instructs officers to celebrate the 75th Independence Day with dignity - - county Day - county Independence
President instructs officers to celebrate the 75th Independence Day with dignity
COLOMBO (News 1st) – President Ranil Wickremesinghe instructed officials to celebrate the 75th Independence Day in a dignified manner that reflects national and religious unity.Steps have been taken to celebrate the 75th Independence Day celebrations on the 04th of February 2023 at the Galle Face Green with all pomp and pageantry under the theme, “Let’s stand together”.A discussion on the organization of the 75th Independence Day commemoration was held under the chairmanship of President Ranil Wickremesinghe at the President’s Office this afternoon (12). The President issued these instructions during this discussion.Numerous events and programs have been organized in conjunction with the Independence Day commemoration and special cycle race, school tournament, historical and rare book exhibition are among the main features planned.In addition, marking this special occasion, a housing project of 2000 houses has been planned in Colombo and Gampaha districts.On the 04th and 05th of February, all national parks will be open to the public free of charge and a commemorative stamp will be issued in conjunction with the 75th Independence Day celebrations.The organizing committee of the Independence Day celebrations comprises 10 sub-committees and an open invitation is extended to the public to witness the Independence Day celebrations.
Stephen Lecce - Oakville teacher controversy: Ontario College of Teachers asked to review professional standards - - county Ontario
Oakville teacher controversy: Ontario College of Teachers asked to review professional standards
Oakville, Ont., teacher’s attire.“In this province, in our schools, we celebrate our differences and we also believe that there must be the highest standards of professionalism in front of our kids,” Education Minister Stephen Lecce said Friday when asked about the situation.“And on that basis, I’ve asked the Ontario College of Teachers to review and to consider strengthening those provisions with respect to professional conduct which we think would be in the interest of all kids in Ontario.” School board aware of possible protests over Oakville teacher’s attire as dress code under review Images have gone viral online and in the media in recent days, appearing to show a teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School wearing large prosthetic breasts in class.Protests were held on Friday and over the weekend regarding the situation.The Ontario College of Teachers website says it “licenses, governs and regulates Ontario’s teaching profession in the public interest.” It is responsible for licencing teachers, setting ethical standards, investigating concerns, among other responsibilities.All publicly funded teachers in the province must be certified by the college.Also last week, trustees with the Halton District School Board (HDSB) met and agreed to review the dress code.The board has said that it is “committed to establishing and maintaining a safe, caring, inclusive, equitable and welcoming learning and working environment for all students and staff.”“We strive to promote and support a positive learning environment in schools consistent with our values and to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all students, staff and the community, regardless of their race, age, ability, sex, gender identity, gender expression,