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COVID-19 patient who escaped from hospital located

Colombo (News 1st); The COVID-19 patient who escaped from the Kosgama Hospital was located by Sri Lanka Police.Police Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana speaking to News 1st said the individual was located from the Sahaspura High-Rise Low-Income Housing Project in Borella.The COVID-19 patient was directed back to quarantine as per the Health Regulations, he said.After completing treatment, legal action will be instituted against the said individual as per the provisions of the Quarantine and Prevention of Diseases Ordinance.

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No plans are underway to impose islandwide curfew or curfew in any other area, other than those already under lock down, said Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva, who also heads the National Centre for the Prevention of COVID-19.The Army Commander urged the general public to refrain from panic buying, which will only lead to overcrowding at supermarkets and other outlets, increasing the risk of COVID-19 transmission.Speaking to Journalists in Colombo he said, quarantine curfew has already been imposed in areas that have been identified as high risk zones and added that ” as of now, we have not decided on imposing curfew in any other area during the weekend.”
Colombo (News 1st); Quarantine Curfew was imposed with immediate effect for Mattakkuliya, Mutuwal, Wellampitiya, Bloemendha and Grandpasss in Colomnbo, said Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva on Thursday (22).

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