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Councillor resigns after Ontario township officially bans all non-civic flags

township of Norwich, Ont., has resigned after council voted to enact a controversial bylaw forbidding non-government flags, including Pride flags, on municipal properties.Ward 2 Coun. Alisha Stubbs announced her immediate resignation Tuesday night in protest of the council’s decision to support the bylaw at the end of the meeting in the rural southwestern Ontario community located east of London.“I refuse to participate in this any longer, to the dog whistles and blatant discrimination, and to the hypocrisy of decisions made for peace while many citizens feel fear,” said Stubbs in her resignation as she packed her possessions.“Use your power for good,” she continued.“When you hear of people in our community that feel unsafe, believe them.

Just like you always believe the people who say that the roads are a mess. Be the helpers.

Use your power in these positions to instill change. Be courageous to challenge the status quo, kindness and compassion and knowledge save lives.

Read more, learn more and then do better.”The controversial debate first drew in large opposing crowds from across Oxford County to council’s meeting chambers last month. Amid boos from those present in the public gallery, council voted 3-2 Tuesday to approve the flag ban, with Mayor Jim Palmer breaking the tie.Speaking with Global News on Wednesday morning, Stubbs said that she had her resignation speech prepared prior to the council’s ruling.“I had a pretty good idea where three of the councillors, including the mayor, stood and so I had prepared because what I’m not prepared to do is share a space with people of power that make decisions in ill faith,” she said.She added that she is extremely disappointed by some of the decisions made by her

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