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So Florida: Massive alligator crushes through metal fence at Florida golf course

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - It's a competition no one asked for – how would a metal fence fair against an alligator? Easy answer – it doesn't, and the alligator definitely wins! But, the video is awesome to watch.Eric Dagg told Storyful that he works at the Coral Creek Club golf course in Charlotte County, Florida, which is northwest of Fort Myers, where he recently saw a massive alligator making its way along a cart path. At some point, the alligator tried to make its way through a fence along the golf course.At first, it appears the alligator considers his options, meticulously deciding out which sent of bars to go between.

He slowly places is snout in between a pair of poles and in seconds – bam! – he forced his head and two legs through, as his body bends the poles with seeming ease.A few seconds later, the gator has a slightly more difficult time getting his rear legs through the fence until Dagg's brother goes in to assist."The gator eventually got a little stuck and my brother tried to help get his legs through the fence," he told Storyful. Video shows Dagg's brother try to open the fencing a bit further, while also seemingly trying to help push the gator through.Alligators are part of life in Florida with an estimated 1.3 million living in the state – in marshes, ponds, lakes, pools, and swamps – in all 67 counties. Last week, an 11-foot, 400-pound alligator was found in a woman's pool in Stone Island, Florida.

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Irish rooster with a violent past kills man with attack to the back of his leg, court says - fox29.com - Ireland - state North Carolina - state Virginia
Irish rooster with a violent past kills man with attack to the back of his leg, court says
A rooster (Photo by Mustafa Ciftci/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) An Irish inquest found that a man who died in April 2022, was attacked by a rooster with a history of attacking people, according to reports.The Irish Examiner in Cork, Ireland, reported that Jasper Kraus was allegedly attacked by a Brahma chicken that was moved to his property in Ballinasloe after it attacked a child.Garda Eoine Browne said during the judicial inquiry that he responded to reports of a sudden death on April 28, 2022, and when he arrived, he spoke to paramedics who said CPR attempts to revive the victim were unsuccessful.NORTH CAROLINA MAN DEVELOPED ‘UNCONTROLLABLE’ IRISH ACCENT DURING PROSTATE CANCER TREATMENTBrown said the man, later identified as Kraus, was on the ground in the kitchen in a pool of blood, with a wound on the back of one of his legs.Corey O’Keefe, who was a tenant at Kraus’s house, told his daughter Virginia Guinan what happened.When Kraus’s daughter arrived at the house, she saw blood on the floor and paramedics performing CPR, the Examiner reported.UK TO PROBE WHETHER THE 1998 OMAGH BOMB, ONE OF IRELAND'S DEADLIEST INCIDENTS, COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTEDKraus had a puncture wound on his left leg and a trail of blood from the house to a chicken coop outside.His daughter said during the judicial inquiry that she realized the chicken must have caused her father’s death.The daughter said she suspected it was the chicken with blood on its claws because it had attacked her own daughter previously.The Examiner also reported that O’Keefe was questioned about the incident and said he returned home from work at 8 a.m., fed the animals and asked Kraus how he was doing before heading off to bed.
Killer whales hunt 9-foot great white shark in drone video - fox29.com - South Africa
Killer whales hunt 9-foot great white shark in drone video
The orca bites the shark around its liver, with a cloud of blood pooling out into the green-tinted water.Part of South Africa-based marine biologist Alison Towner's long-term work with great whites, the clip shares what she wrote on her Instagram is "one of the most incredible pieces of natural history ever captured on film."SHARK ATTACKS: EXPERT SHARES FACTS ABOUT THE OCEAN PREDATOR AMID UPTICK IN SIGHTINGSThree killer whales hunt a nine-foot great white shark (Credit: Discovery's Shark Week) In an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast, the scientist said she had been studying the movement ecology of great white sharks for 15 years. While Towner noted that Mossel Bay had noticed great whites disappearing, this is "the world's first drone footage of killer whales predating on a white shark."The moment the three killer whales attack (Credit: Discovery's Shark Week) "It's the first time in South Africa it's ever been documented as direct evidence," she said. WITH SHARK SIGHTINGS ON THE RISE ON EAST COAST, SCIENTISTS THEORIZE CONSERVATION EFFORTS MAY PLAY A ROLEResearchers, she told the outlet, had evidence for killer whale attacks on white sharks before and data had revealed a change in the orcas' cycling habits. Two of the killer whales hunting the shark (Credit: Discovery's Shark Week) Towner's article published in the African Journal of Marine Science tackles the subject more in-depth.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"The reality is, their movement has been very much messed up by the increased risk of killer whale predation and now the total of dead white sharks has climbed to [eight] and one more bronze whaler shark, since this paper was submitted," Towner wrote on Instagram.