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Star Health, IDFC FIRST Bank announce Bancassurance tie-up

NEW DELHI: Star Health and Allied Insurance Company has signed a corporate agency agreement with IDFC FIRST Bank for distribution of its health insurance products. Under the agreement, Star Health will offer its health insurance products to the bank’s customers using the latter's digital platform and its distribution network.

“Our strategic tie-up with IDFC First Bank is a step further in making health insurance accessible to all. This tie- up will help us reach out to IDFC First’s customers and enable them to financially safeguard themselves from rising healthcare costs," said Anand Roy, managing director, Star Health.

IDFC FIRST Bank has a digital-first approach and serves customers through its net banking platform and a mobile app, which complement its branches, ATMS and loan centres across the country. “We are pleased to associate with Star Health and Allied Insurance to bring more value-added products and services to our customers.

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exclusively to the Daily Star about some of their defining moments.These days, the iconic British boyband comprises Ritchie Neville, Scott Robinson and Sean Conlon, without the other two original members Abz Love and Jason Brown.The group first parted ways in 2001 and had a very turbulent ending with bandmates clashing and multiple members struggling with their mental health.Talking about some of his lowest moments, Ritchie explained: "I remember there were times on stage back in the day where there was so much going on in your head but you could physically do the performance because the moves were that integrated into your body."But I remember having such insecurity one night that I felt like the most worthless member of the band and all these 15,000 people had only come to see the other four."I was having its proper mental battle and I did have a 'couple of nights on the vodka' and it was the third night I was at it but I remember you could be doing it all and all the movies but you just wouldn't be feeling it."The 2022 trio all agreed that things are definitely different this time around and actively communicate with one another when things may get a little rocky.Scott also said: "Now, if I'm struggling on a night, I would phone them or knock on their hotel room door and say 'I'm having a moment'."Then we would talk about it through the night but you wouldn't have done that back in the day because it wasn't spoken about."The group performed to an intimate crowd at the Snug Presents event and played some of their biggest bops.Also, be sure to check out Five's new album Time which is available on all music platforms to support the stars and listen to some of their new tunes. For more of the latest showbiz and TV news
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