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A pandemic is a disease epidemic that has spread across a large region, for instance multiple continents, or worldwide. A widespread endemic disease with a stable number of infected people is not a pandemic. Further, flu pandemics generally exclude recurrences of seasonal flu. Throughout history, there have been a number of pandemics of diseases such as smallpox and tuberculosis. One of the most devastating pandemics was the Black Death, which killed an estimated 75–200 million people in the 14th century.

Tokyo Olympics delay costs may reach $2.8 billion

TOKYO – The cost of the postponed Tokyo Olympics could reach about $2.8 billion, according to figures released Friday by the Tokyo organizing committee, the Tokyo city government and Japan’s national government.The numbers are in line with estimates that have been made in Japan since the Olympics were postponed eight months ago. They are now set to open on July 23, 2021.About two-thirds of the added costs are being picked up by the two government entities, with the other one-third going to the privately funded organizing committee.The operational cost for the delay is listed at 171 billion yen, or about $1.64 billion at the present exchange rate.

The organizing committee and the Tokyo government share equally in covering the expenses. The

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The United States is potentially days away from approving the first round of coronavirus vaccines just nine months after the global pandemic ripped through every state, claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and crippled the once robust economy. And yet, millions have vowed not to take the fast-developed two-shot vaccines despite 95% efficacy rates from pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNTech and another from Moderna.
NEW JERSEY - New Jersey's COVID-19 caseload surged Thursday to levels not seen even during the height of the spring outbreak, with Gov. Phil Murphy and experts warning things could get worse.The state recorded about 4,900 new cases overnight as New Jersey weathers another wave of the outbreak, Murphy, a Democrat, said Thursday in a tweet.

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